Brow Building Basics

So…… Let’s talk about eyebrow color. A frequent question I am asked is “What color should I use to fill in my eyebrows?” There are several rules to follow, and then as always in beauty the ways to break them. Let’s break it down by hair color.
Black/darkest brown tones: Filling in eyebrows true black can look amazing if done right (back to that in a moment), but the easiest or most desired option is to use a dark brown color. Choices of application being powder, pencil, or gels (optional). The main thing to look at in the color is that there isn’t much red in the brown.  Reddish browns look very off on the eyebrows.  You are looking for neutral tones, not going to warm or cool in the underlying tonalities. If you decide to go for the black, make sure your color is black-black. If the color is off the brows will look smudgy and grayish, not pretty.
Medium brown w/ or w/out highlights: This type of hair color needs to stick with again neutral brown, this time just a little lighter. Brows tend to look better darker than lighter. They are the face framers; they define the eye, and give expression to the face. Everyone should examine what their eyebrows are doing right now! Avoid the reddish undertone for these brows as well.
Light brown, dark blonde: The key color word for this hair is taupe. Taupe colors are your best friend. Again, lean to the darker side. If they are to light they will look gray and powdery. We are trying to match the darker hair, so highlights are somewhat disregarded.
Light to pale blondes:  Key color here again is taupe. Some blonde colors are to golden or even to red. These could be ok of you are of the strawberry blonde variety or you have put in highlights and/or lowlights of the red or copper family, but they are still a little weak or off for my taste. I still recommend taupe.
Gray/Salt & Pepper: You guessed it, Taupe. By far the most flattering color for gray, salt & pepper or white hair. These again should not be to warm or gray.
Red Head: Now just because you’re red doesn’t mean go all out lipliner red, oh wait, I’ve done that. That’s for later…Seriously though, find a neutral reddish color on the darker side of the hair color. or go with the neutral brown or darker taupe.
Aside from the mentioned above you can go all out with bright color, glitter, or the complete opposite of your hair color ie. Dark hair light brows, light hair dark brows. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Using gel brow color or colored mascaras can slightly alter the color to suit your needs and hold the hair in place.


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