Clary Sage College Holiday Dress Design Contest!

Holiday Dress Design Contest!!!

By Michelle Wamego

Have you heard? Our evening fashion design students are competing in an on-line contest for designing one of their instructor’s Christmas party dress! Can you imagine the pressure!! Actually it’s a great idea the evening instructor, Jackie Brown came up with to encourage her student’s to design and sketch out a look for Jackie to wear to this season’s Christmas parties. The students are in sketching class and this is a great way to put their new found skills to the “test”.

So, here’s the scoop on it

Jackie showed the students the fabric she has to work with for her Holiday dress

Students sketched a design for Jackie’s dress

Currently the designs are displayed on the Clary Sage College Facebook page

Anyone can “like” a dress sketch as a vote

The dress sketch with the most likes will be the dress that Jackie will make (not all the students have had sewing class as of yet so that is why Jackie will construct it)

The winning design will be a piece that can be photographed and included in the student’s portfolio and something that they will be very proud of! You never know who may see that design and ask for one for themselves!!!!


You can vote too, just go to and cast your vote (“like”) for the dress design you would love to see made up!!!

Happy Holidays!!!