Not All Water is Created Equal

By Leo Noel and Ross Ashcraft

Drink water!!

One of the most common things to hear from both drill sergeants in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and your massage therapist is, “Drink Water!” Water is a very important element to daily life.  We all need it and consume it; however, what matters more the quantity or the quality of that water? Let’s consider a fish.  If the fish is in an aquarium that doesn’t get cleaned or have a good filtering system in the bowl it will quickly die. It’s gills are breathing poison.  The same idea applies to people when we drink from fowl water sources such as rivers where people bathe, wash clothes or defecate. What about the water supply from the faucet.  Although it is supposedly purged and monitored there seems to be questionable residues in it, such as calcium or aluminum.  And let’s not forget the rust at the tip of the faucet that flakes off into our water.

After a massage, as well as throughout the day, we need water to take out the metabolic wastes and re-hydrate.  An excellent formula for the amount of water each of us needs to be drinking, is half your weight in ounces.  Therefore, if you are 150 lbs you need 75 oz of water.  However, if the wrong type of water is ingested it makes it more difficult on the body and it’s systems. A better alternative to most waters would be Kangen or alkaline water. Water is the stuff of life and the better the water the better the life.
One way to track our bodies’ health is through the monitoring of our pH levels.  The scale as seen to the left shows that we can swing from acid to alkaline in our pH levels.  Most of us will be acidic.  Our food intake creates this acidic nature.  Most of us consume food that is over processed and mostly dead.  These foods unbalance the normal level of pH and cause us to be more acidic. If left unchecked, an acidic pH level will make our bodies susceptible to diseases.  Many things other than food also creates acidity in our bodies such as tobacco, stress, or physical activities (either if it is too little or too much activity).

A healthy pH level for your overall body should be 7.4.  Many statistics show that cancer cells cannot thrive in this slight alkaline environment. The recommended pH intake of the water source should not be any higher than 9.5 to help us balance back to the normal 7.4. A pH level in our water that is any higher would be too nasty to drink or become more destructive than beneficial to your body.

One of the best commercial sources for healthy water in your home is the Kangen water system.  Kangen/Alkaline water is said to reduce diseases, improve the immune system, and provide more energy.  Those that use alkaline water say they have more frequent bowel movement and better sleep.

My mother and I are both witnesses to the positive power and usefulness of what alkaline water can bring into your life.  We, along with many others, have seen the dramatic change drinking alkaline water can bring.

Drinking the right kind water is an aspect of our life we need to incorporate and master if we desire to have a healthy full life. Happy drinking and remember not all things are made the same.

25 thoughts on “Not All Water is Created Equal”

  1. Very thought-provoking! I know very little about the alkalinity/acidic balance of my body and the role water plays in that balance. Have never heard of the particular type of water you highly recommend. And I was proud of myself for just drinking MORE water. I will find out more! Thanks.

  2. I always drink filtered water from my refrigerator. I also drink bottled water and never from the faucet. But it never came across my mind about water and the alkaline and acid balance scale. But I am glad I know now.

  3. We have heard it over and over again…and I don’t think we should stop hearing it! Drinking water is so very important! It’s good to know what types of water are out there!

  4. Thank you for this. I stress to clients all the time to drink water. Now I have new information on what kind of water to drink and why. Could you tell us a good place to get alkaline water please.

  5. I also found this article to be very insightful. I knew it was important to consume lots of water on a daily basis, however, I didn’t know much about what our proper pH levels should be, or what the proper pH levels should be in the water that we are drinking. Very interesting. Grabbing some water right now! I also didn’t know about the different types of water they had out there for this specific problem. Thanks.

  6. my only question is where we can get out own testing mechanism to test our own water. I know how much I need to be drinking and have it all figured out on to how I can get all the oz in.

  7. I found this information very useful because we are always told to drink water but not as much about checking the quality of it. I am faithful about drinking water but now I know that I need to be more careful about checking the quality of it.

  8. Good job Leo! I especially like the analogy of the fish. We sometimes forget that we have the same needs as animals. Even needs as basic as “clean water” become minor details in today’s fast-paced world.

  9. I try to drink as much water as i can. i try to bring a water bottle to class to help me keep hydrated. On the days I don’t bring my bottle I have troubles with my energy levels and getting dehydrated.

  10. I have heard some things about water pH while living in Austin. Some people were all the craze about it. I never looked into it seriously… but this blog gives me the curiosity to want to. I know they sell specialized pH water, in many different bottles at Akins Natural Foods. Ill spend some time looking over the labels and see what else I can learn. I am suddenly very interested.

  11. I drink water, but not the recommended daily amount. Knowing the importance of pH levels in the water will push me to drink more filtered water.

  12. very good article. I have tasted this alkaline water and it taste just like regular water. so if there isn’t any difference in the taste and it’s healthier for you then why not drink it?

  13. Very insightful. And I am always hearing drink more water, drink more water, hey drink some more water. But I never hear what kind of water to be drinking. It is good to know about the pH levels and stuff like that. Great article.

  14. Wow!! I dont think imma drink tap water anymore I think imma go take my boyfriend water mechine and drink more kangen water. I’m going to drink more water i don’t think i drink enough. I want to try to be as health as i can I’m even going to try to quit somken ciggerats for like the fourth time. Wish me luck because it’s really hard not to smoke.

  15. I diffidently think drinking water is good. I think that drinking the right kind of water would be go. But to be honest I would not pay that much money for it. I am sorry but I do not think it is vital to change it.

  16. You can have your checked at any osu campus. They will give you a health check and any recommendations to fix it. Its free.
    Im with Sarah on this one. It has been proven more than once that filtered tap water is sometimes safer than the Fufu water you spend a ton of money. Just my opion.

  17. After being around sickness so much lately I have been drinking more water. Now I am starting to wonder if the water I drink is healthy or not.

  18. I like this. While I think it’s important to drink water I’m not so sure about the quality argument. At the very least I don’t think you should drink solely bottled water. First off you have the plastic waste which I see as a huge problem not only to our communities but to our PLANET, but also I firmly believe in exposure. What I mean by that is that if you only expose your body to pure water or unprocessed foods your body will no longer be able to handle anything different and you will get very sick. A friend of mine’s grandmother found a local company where she can buy clean chemical-free food and that is all she will eat and she only drinks purified water. As a result of that wherever she goes whether it be on a vacation or for dinner with family such as thanksgiving she has to bring her own food with her. His other family members understand but refusing to eat the food they cooked all day is still rather offensive. Because she is elderly she won’t merely get sick like you or I if she varies from her new diet, she will die. So before you make a decision to drink only purified water or eat only unprocessed foods think about the lifestyle you want to have first. It’s like vaccines. You are injected with a weakened form of a virus so your body can build up an immunity and know how to react when faced with that virus when it’s at full power. I personally try for an even mix I like to think of it like exercising my immune system. 🙂

  19. I actually got to taste some Kangen water at the FOP chair event we went to recently. It wasn’t too bad. It had a different taste than regular water. The lady, that was doing the demonstration, showed us how the water removes more residue from vegetables than normal water does. She also showed us how it can brew regular tea bags better than regular water can. One tea bag could brew several cups of tea as opposed to the other tea bag with the regular water still hadn’t brewed at all. I think it would be a good idea to invest in this system in our houses.

  20. Great Blog! Staying hydrated is super important in general but I’m excited to explore alkaline water options. I saw a Kagen demonstration once and was impressed but I’m curious to learn about other options available. Thanks!!

  21. Never knew there was such a big difference in water. My wife has called me crazy for not being able to taste a difference from tap water to bottled. I should really start drinking bottled or filtered water from now on. Great article as always, this is just another way we can help improve our lives and the lives of our clients.