Not All Water is Created Equal

By Leo Noel and Ross Ashcraft

Drink water!!

One of the most common things to hear from both drill sergeants in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and your massage therapist is, “Drink Water!” Water is a very important element to daily life.  We all need it and consume it; however, what matters more the quantity or the quality of that water? Let’s consider a fish.  If the fish is in an aquarium that doesn’t get cleaned or have a good filtering system in the bowl it will quickly die. It’s gills are breathing poison.  The same idea applies to people when we drink from fowl water sources such as rivers where people bathe, wash clothes or defecate. What about the water supply from the faucet.  Although it is supposedly purged and monitored there seems to be questionable residues in it, such as calcium or aluminum.  And let’s not forget the rust at the tip of the faucet that flakes off into our water.

After a massage, as well as throughout the day, we need water to take out the metabolic wastes and re-hydrate.  An excellent formula for the amount of water each of us needs to be drinking, is half your weight in ounces.  Therefore, if you are 150 lbs you need 75 oz of water.  However, if the wrong type of water is ingested it makes it more difficult on the body and it’s systems. A better alternative to most waters would be Kangen or alkaline water. Water is the stuff of life and the better the water the better the life.
One way to track our bodies’ health is through the monitoring of our pH levels.  The scale as seen to the left shows that we can swing from acid to alkaline in our pH levels.  Most of us will be acidic.  Our food intake creates this acidic nature.  Most of us consume food that is over processed and mostly dead.  These foods unbalance the normal level of pH and cause us to be more acidic. If left unchecked, an acidic pH level will make our bodies susceptible to diseases.  Many things other than food also creates acidity in our bodies such as tobacco, stress, or physical activities (either if it is too little or too much activity).

A healthy pH level for your overall body should be 7.4.  Many statistics show that cancer cells cannot thrive in this slight alkaline environment. The recommended pH intake of the water source should not be any higher than 9.5 to help us balance back to the normal 7.4. A pH level in our water that is any higher would be too nasty to drink or become more destructive than beneficial to your body.

One of the best commercial sources for healthy water in your home is the Kangen water system.  Kangen/Alkaline water is said to reduce diseases, improve the immune system, and provide more energy.  Those that use alkaline water say they have more frequent bowel movement and better sleep.

My mother and I are both witnesses to the positive power and usefulness of what alkaline water can bring into your life.  We, along with many others, have seen the dramatic change drinking alkaline water can bring.

Drinking the right kind water is an aspect of our life we need to incorporate and master if we desire to have a healthy full life. Happy drinking and remember not all things are made the same.


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Acidity vs alkaline (base)

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