Why Reflexology?

By Ross Ashcraft & Abigail Turrell

Why should you receive Reflexology?

Reflexology is a massage modality that is done on your feet and hands, but it is not your average Swedish massage. It is so much more.  Reflexology tries to balance the body and speed the healing response to troubled glands and organs by putting pressure on certain spots of your hands or feet….and sometimes ears!

Reflexology derives its roots from a man named Dr. William H. Fitzgerald.  Dr. Fitzgerald was an ear, nose, and throat specialist who came up with the concept of “zone therapy” in 1915.  He created a system that divided the body into treatment zones for therapeutic purposes.

Then in 1930, a physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham expanded his theories. She believed our bodies are mirrored or reflected in specific patterns onto our feet and hands.  Through her research she discerned that the big toe was a mirror of your head, the ball of your foot as your chest, the arch as the middle of your abdomen and the heel of your foot as your lower abdomen.

In each section of the foot and hand, there are points that are triggers to certain organs. An example would be your liver.  Since the liver is located in the middle of the abdomen, it is reflected in the arch of your foot.  Due to this mirrored relationship, you can positively affect the liver by stimulating and manipulating its corresponding spot on the foot.

Reflexology is not only therapeutic, but is relaxing and helps relieve stress, which are the 2 main reasons to receive massage and Reflexology.  Other therapeutic reasons to schedule a Reflexology treatment are: headaches, arthritis, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, injuries…etc.  This massage doesn’t take much of your time, and generally won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It only takes 45 to 60 minutes.


You want to get reflexology done?  Well there are some precautions you need to check out beforehand.  If you are pregnant, you need to talk to your doctor first and let the therapist know their recommendation.  Be sure to give the therapist your medical history, and if you have foot ulcers, injury, or blood vessel disease consult your doctor before having this done.

Reflexology is amazing; and we highly recommended.



35 thoughts on “Why Reflexology?”

  1. Reflexology helps me a lot. I have no headaches or any other pain afterwards. It does make me sleepy and a little tired. But afterwards I feel really good and I like using reflexology a lot I really enjoy it.

  2. I really enjoy doing the feet to end the massage but this modality can work out many issues without touching even touching the client anywhere else

  3. My first massage at CCC was actually a foot reflexology massage, before I even attended the program. I wasn’t relieved from anything since I wasn’t in pain but it can make you sweat quite a bit. That night I slept great, I recommend everybody to get one of these once a week.

  4. Reflexology was more interesting that I had anticipated. I would like to utilize it in my practice with every hand and foot massage I give. It took major affect on me and gave me a headache the night of having it done on my feet. I think there is some power there and that real changes did occur. I would be interested in learning more and possibly doing a workshop on reflexology.

  5. I find Reflexology a very interesting and relaxing! I have almost gone to sleep while receiving once! I can defiantly tell it does something to the body. I drank a whole lot of water after that!

  6. I did enjoy learning about Reflexology, but I am unsure as to whether or not I actually believe that pain in the liver can be eased by stimulating an area on the foot. It is very relaxing and enjoyable for sure though!

  7. I believe it works. I have issues with certain things and after a few minutes I have found that it may not cure the problem it sure helps in the solution.

  8. I am a huge fan of reflexology. I believe it’s components can be beneficial independently or simply to give more meat / direction to a traditional foot massage. I am looking forward to becoming certified in reflexology.

  9. When we first learned about reflexology in the Alpha class, I was skeptical. I didn’t believe that points in your feet could represent different points in your body. Learning it again this week, I’m going to try and be more open minded and see how that goes.

  10. The first time I got this done it hurt so bad. but I just got it done this morning and it did not hurt at all. My heart spot was a slight discomfort but other then that nothing was wrong!!!

  11. I really like reflexology, i am able to feel crunchies in the feet and hand, the client notices the feeling in the referred area. its something able to be measured and documented

  12. Reflexology is one of those modalities that’s easy to do and it can be really beneficial. In lab, my kidney area was tender on my feet and coincidentally, I hadn’t been drinking enough water that day. Reflexology is also a great foot massage, and who doesn’t love that?!

  13. Reflexology feels very nice when done right. It is definitely something that I want to learn more about and get more experience in.

  14. I have always been curious about reflexology, but also never really knew much about it. This was an interesting article. I understand now that each part of the foot is supposed to affect the mirrored region on the body. I didn’t know that before. Very cool, can’t wait to learn more this week.

  15. I’m still not sure about the medical results in reflexology. However, as with many modalities, it is the mind-set of the client that is most important. If a client does not want to relax, they will not relax. I imagine the same concept comes into effect with reflexology.

  16. Once again I write this blog after having it vanished. This is a great modality and foot reflexology is the first type of massage that I actually received at C.C.C before becoming a student here. It was great and can make you sweat a lot while I have witnessed it it when giving it to other people. I recommend giving it to every body once a week.

  17. Reflexology doesn’t really do that much for me. So this is probably why I am not a true believer in having someone mess with your feet and then your eyes feel better. Just my opinion!

  18. When we did the reflexology in class I was skeptical, but open to the idea. I also happened to be sick that week. It was very awkward in lab when the entire class was quiet and focusing on learning the techniques, and I was hacking and coughing from a tickle in my throat. Sharon compressed the point between my first and second knuckles, which is related to easing coughing, and it actually worked. At least for a minute or two. I can see how a person could become sore if their cough was persistant and they relied on that form of relief only. But I don’t think it’s meant to be and end all cure. I think it’s mostly for temporary relief/stimulation. I don’t know if the cure was more of the reflex point of if it was a subconscious reaction, but either way it was neat to experience that evidence myself. New techniques are always easier to remember, and have a more profound effect when you experience them for yourself.

  19. Reflexology is a great modality to learn, Like one of the instructors has told me, is that you will get clients asking which area of the body does that point reference to and you need to know. Because clients are getting more knowledgeable and you need to hit them with the facts. So getting to know reflexology or at least which area of the foot or hand references to which body part or organ. Great article!

  20. I really enjoy reflexology this is great information. I want to learn more about reflexology. I think it’s interesting how everything is connected.

  21. Reflexology is a good map for a therapist. There are many times I may feel a problem area and ask the client if they have had any issues with that particular area. It has never failed that they have something to share. If you get a person that is ticklish, use the flat part of your hand and apply pressure. Some will not want you to touch their feet at all so you can practice reflexology on the hands.

  22. I really enjoyed learning about reflexology expectantly when its my feet my mom loves it when i do some reflexology on her.

  23. If you want to change your life, change your thoughts. Then change how you talk to yourself. Instead of continually telling yourself, “I can’t ” ” ask yourself why can’t I” Some people believe that Reflexology is a joke n doesn’t work. I believe it does why? Because I for myself have taken the time to treat clients and monitor their reactions & results form the treatments. Some things work because they work, I guess

  24. I am still a little skeptical about reflexology. My feet were very tender when we did it a few weeks ago, but they didn’t match up to any problems that I am having. I just think I have sore feet bc I’m on them a lot. But I’m not ready to write it off just yet. I will be open minded when we visit this again in Omega

  25. I never knew that reflexology existed until last night and I found it to be amazing. I think that reflexology is a great modality to learn. I can’t wait for another lesson.

  26. I must know more about this. I am a bit cynical by nature, but I do believe that certain aspects of reflexology seem logical to me. If trigger points reflect referred pain from other parts of the body, why can’t points even more distant from the actual trouble site do the same? I did not feel any amazing responses in other locations to the reflex foot massage I received, but I did feel relaxed and my feet felt amazing. I have heard some impressive anecdotal reports from people I respect and believe, so I am open to knowing more.

  27. Reflexology rocks!! Okay so at first I was skeptical but now that I have experienced this amazing technique I can definitely agree it works. I would also agree certain precautions should be taken. In my experience drink lots of water and be ready to feel a bit drained. Thanks for the blog.

  28. I love having the balance in my system, which i dont get everyday. however with the reflexology it can be more often. It does work and helps.

  29. I like balance in my life and if an 20 mintue foot reflexology massage is all it takes, i can make the time for that. Plus i love to have my feet & hands massaged in general.

  30. The reflexology course was very interesting. I really didn’t get much out of it in class but I would like to have this technique used on me by a professional someday.

  31. I believe that there is a lot of power behind reflexology. I also feel that treating certain places on the feet and hands helps with the massage process. I enjoy doing foot and hand massages and reflexology helps me better my skills.

  32. I really enjoy having reflexology done on me. I have been receiving a little bit of reflexology for this past two and a half years. I started doing it when i was in Thighland. i look forward in using it in my own practice.