DIY Maiden Braids for Thick Hair

Maiden braids are a classic style that look great dressed up or dressed down, and they’re pretty easy to complete. Win, win! For this tutorial, we wanted to show ladies with thick hair how they can easily achieve this look without their braids being too thick to cooperate.

What you’ll need:

  • a hairbrush
  • rubber bands (4)
  • a generous amount of bobby pins
  • hairspray (we used Clary Stay)

Step 1: Loosely part your hair in fourths and create 4 braids, 2 on each side.
Step 2: Take and pin the bottom braid upwards from the base of your neck to about your temple area. Secure the entire braid down with bobby pins.
Step 3: Take the front braid and pull it up and over your head like a headband. Be sure to cover the rubber band of your back braid with this braid. Pin and secure.
Step 4-6: Repeat steps 1-3 on the opposite side. Secure all of your braids and finish off with a generous amount of hairspray. Done!
If you have any comments or tutorial requests, let us know below!