Thanksgiving Inspiration | Massage Therapy

Naomi QuoteWe live in a time of rapid change and with change comes stress. It is all too easy to become caught up on what is wrong, what we don’t have, what we want, what others think, etc. Since next Thursday is Thanksgiving, it seems only appropriate to take a moment to let our many blessings rise to the surface of awareness and with open heart give thanks for them.

Oprah QuoteThe coming national holiday gives us opportunity to stop the internal chatter and shift our attention with gratitude toward the gifts that have been given to us, the ones we’ve earned through our work and the ones we have given to others.

As massage therapists we can give back to our community this holiday season by offering chair massage or volunteering our time at  such places in Tulsa as The Iron Gate, John 3:16, The Food Bank, or go to Volunteer Tulsa for more suggestions.

Kennedy GoalsWhat will you be doing over Thanksgiving? Whatever you choose to do, give thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving from the Massage Therapy department!

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Inspiration | Massage Therapy”

  1. We will be having Thanksgiving at our house, 3 of our kids and 5 grandkids come over and spend the night, then we all get up Thursday and cook the Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. I’ll be celebrating with a house full of family, lots of noise and little ones running around, just the way I like it! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. I’m am thankful for my 3 children, my supportive husband and wonderful parents, friends and other family. We will be traveling to Kansas to be with family and eat lots of good food!

  4. I will be working but I am great full to have a job and get to serve people there. And they are going to feed us. It is going to be awesome