Do You Facial Exercise?

By Mona Green

Facial exercises stimulate blood flow and circulation; relieve tension and tones facial muscles. If you’re over 40 you probably know looking young is not just about wrinkles. You need to address puffy eyes, nasal labial folds, sagging jowls, turkey neck and other signs of aging.

Facial exercises can accomplish this and improve your complexion and skin tone. Humans can out-smile, out-smirk and out-glow every other animal on the planet whether we think about it at all.

Facial exercising is a series of contractions and applied resistance sort of like body building for the face and neck. Fifteen minutes, three days a week for six to nine months can make you look five to ten years younger, facial exercise lifts and firms skin and facial muscles that are important for looking younger.

You have a right to be beautiful and no cream in the world can counter gravity. Exercise will.