This fall season it is so refreshing for me to be able to go into my closet and pull out the colorful and bright styles that are painting the fashion scene.   Although the black and grey staples of my wardrobe are still a classic “go to” look for my everyday attire, I love the new colors that are saturating the  market.      Cobalt blue is most definitely the biggest trend of the year, it is appearing everywhere from boots and shoes to jeans and sweaters. It is a superb choice because it looks fabulous on practically everyone.  In every store you visit there is an assortment of colors to choose  from: mustard yellow, purple, bright pink and emerald green.   My  favorite, however is red.  The new twist that has evolved this year is the uncommon combination of neutrals with this  fantastic  shade.  It gives the fashionista an opportunity to create a variety of looks with that one vibrant color.  Red pants and skinny jeans are being combined with everything  from the classic black or white cardigan and jacket to the more modern look of camel hair capes and gold colored blouses.   I absolutely love the fresh style