Fall is Almost Here…Are You Ready?

Fall may be around the corner, but fall fashion is already here. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the latest trends that will have you prematurely ordering that pumpkin spiced latte at the Starbucks drive thru.  We are seeing a lot of our old favorites this season, but with a “cool kid” twist, making a completely new look that is fresh, bold, and striking. Let’s just hope the temperature outside catches on to this cool vibe and drops a few degrees so we can rock our runway favorites.

Here are 7 trends we are expecting for fall:

1. Sleek Pony

This polished pony is sleek, sophisticated, and classy. The timeless hairstyle has turned heads for decades- but this fall, the possibilities are endless. Pair your pony with a jumpsuit, floor-length floral gown, or your favorite pair of reconstructed jeans. The versatility of this hairdo will complete any look with a high-class appeal.

2. Knotty Hair

The knot is a favorite this fall because no two buns are alike. Try a chic low bun with sleeked back hair and a tighter twist, or let the flyaways run free with a loose half-knot and a sweater. Secure hair at the nape of the neck with an elastic hair tie for an effortless appeal, or use bobby pin to tame every hair for an elegant style. The chignon is as unique as you are, and can make a statement to any outfit.


3. Dark Lips

No one will pay you lip service with these deep shades painted on your pout.  Think midnight hues of maroons, violets, and blacks when shopping for your autumn shade of lipstick. This daring look is fearless and strikingly regal.  Dark lips accentuate the beauty and elegance of being feminine, while making an edgy statement that will turn heads.
4. Silver Linin

Let’s be real, we all love glitter. A touch of sparkle brings out the eyes in a fierce, fun way and the possibilities are endless. Try several standout looks with a few sequins at the corners of the eyes, or gold glitter tracing the arch of each eyebrow. Silver eyeliner at the inner corners of the eyes is a must-try for a night out on the town, or flaunt a swipe of glimmer on each lid to show your whimsical side. Let your creativity go wild with the silver lining look. If you always see the silver lining, then check out our makeup artistry program at Clary Sage. Let your creativity become your career today.

5. Pumpkin Spice

A warm, deep orange with nutty undertones is the go-to color of autumn. The muted orange color came in countless forms on the runway- bodycon dresses, silk blouses, and A-line dresses — not to mention the bold shade looks flattering on every skin tone. You will need at least one piece in pumpkin spice for your wardrobe this October.

6. Floor-Length Florals

Business attire doesn’t have to be a stuffy work suit anymore. Fabulous florals, from hippie chic to bohemian beauty, are absolutely mesmerizing with these floor-length, flowy dresses that caused our inner hippie girl to come out of her cubicle and be free again.  Embrace the free spirit in you with one of these fantastic floral prints on a sweeping gown. Pair with muted pumps for your business pitch in the shark tank, or strappy wedges for a fun first date.

7. Unconventional French Tips

It’s time to bid adieu to your classic French manicure and say, bonjour to the modernized French tip. Pretty much any bold color instead of white on the tips will have you ‘nail’ing the trend. Try mixing it up with a dark color for the entire nail and black for the tips. Experiment with jewel-toned polishes, or simplify with nude nail and black tips

8. Think Outside the Lines

Nail art has no limits this fall.  Lines, lines, and lines.  A single vertical white stripe down the center of every nail or several black horizontal lines on each nail are certain to have your polish perfected. Think outside the lines, and paint a single line extending past the cuticle. Do you have your manicure down to an art? Why not get your nail technician degree at Clary Sage? Let your creativity become your career. Clary Sage combines classroom theory with hands-on experiences, making your dreams a reality.

We love the bold and fresh palette of fall’s finest this season. Update your look with a few of these latest tips and you will be turning heads this semester. If you love seasonal trends, a degree in fashion design may be for you. Clary Sage is passionate about preparing students to successfully reach the high standards of the fashion industry. You will love our hands-on approach to help your achieve your dreams.  Make your dreams your career at Clary Sage. The runway awaits you.

Share your fashion tips and pictures below of how you rocked the runway.