By Mark Shannon

So let’s look at a potential situation.  Let’s say “The Lucrative Clientele Spa” has an opening for an LMT.  LMT #1 answers the advertisement and is interviewed for the position.  The first thing the interviewer sees is the education section and you attended the Acme School of Massage.  LMT #1 interviews and obtains the position.  About 3 weeks into their employment they are terminated because of how they performed on the job.  Here’s a brief list of some of the reasons leading to the termination;

  1. They did not dress professionally
  2. They had poor hygiene
  3. They were often late
  4. 60 minute massage appointments lasted 45 minutes
  5. Clients rarely re-booked


The Lucrative Clientele Spa now has to run another job advertisement to replace the first LMT they terminated.  Along comes you, LMT #2, for the interview and the first thing the interviewer sees is the education section and you attended The Acme School of Massage Therapy.  The next thing the interviewer says is “Oh…I just had to fire someone who attended your school.”  The well was poisoned by LMT #1 before you got there and you probably stand very little chance of getting this position.  And it’s not your fault!  It was the person before you that created this conundrum. 

I would really like a different reaction from a spa owner toward my school’s graduates.  I would like for it to go something like this; 

                You, therapist #2, answer the first advertisement and performs admirably.  So good that about 3 weeks into their employment, the owner of The Lucrative Clientele Spa says “You are causing me some good trouble here!  My phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting to make an appointment with you but they can’t get in because you are booked 3 weeks in advance!  So now I am going to have to remodel a room and hire another therapist to keep up with the demand.  Great job!”   The owner runs an employment advertisement and the first candidate shows up and hands the owner their resume.  The first thing they see is the education section and you attended The Acme School of Massage.  And the owner says to the candidate, “Hey, I have one of your alumni working here for me and they are doing fantastic!”  The well is now sweetened in your favor!  The person that answered this ad is probably going to get a favorable chance at employment with this spa because you have left great footprints for other alumni from your school!

Opportunities are created by hard work, by doing the right thing and keeping your word.  Let’s not let it become a rarity in today’s working society.  Be a great ambassador for your school in how you conduct yourself with your employer.  Leave good footprints for other alumni to follow!

19 thoughts on “Footprints…..”

  1. That was a nice article to take with you where ever you go in life. Some people never think about the ones coming in behind them and if they goof it up for themselves they really have probably done it for us too. Leaving a good professional impression on past employers is the best thing one person can really do for themselves and others.

  2. Yes, this scenario is very true in many ways. That is why you should always put forth your best. Not only can it effect you, but it can effect others. So get out there; do a good job, because it make it easiser for everyone else – unless they can’t find a job for lack of available positions. Thanks.

  3. I really liked this article and see the point of it. I hope the people before me leave a good impression so I get a chance. I plan to do the best job I can in every situation so that I also leave a good impression so that others will have a chance in the future.

  4. its proven that you have to enjoy what your doing in order to master it. hard work and dedication will always prevail.

  5. This is a very important subject. It touches all of us closely. And something to remember always. It can follow you for 15 yrs or more. We should all go out there and give our best everyday. I hope the ones before us did well and we all do the same for the ones after us.

  6. A great article and excellent food for thought! We don’t often think our actions will effect anyone other than ourselves, but it certainly does… Thanks for the great article and the reminder that we should perform to the best of our abilities, not only for ourselves, but for those around us and who will come after us!

  7. This is a great article to constantly have in your office or in your desk to show yourself to be a better person!!! Its a wonderful article. Thanks!!!!

  8. True, true words. How we handle ourselves today not only affects us, but others as well, well into the future.

  9. Consequence’s in ones action. A concept that most people dont think about. Your consequences dont just affect you but all the people around you, some(people) that you may not ever know. This is a good reminder of that and that actions do speak louder then words.

  10. I really liked this article because it should make you think on how you would want someone to see you and how you should consider people coming in behind you in a postion whether you move up in the company or move on to better opportunities.

  11. This is great! I know I would hope someone would leave a good impression for me to follow with, and along with myself. When in a working environment you have to think of everyone else, you are not the only person working there. This is a good lesson for everyone to learn.

  12. This is true in not only the professional world but in your every day life. Many professional contacts are made outside of the workplace. You never know who you are leaving an impression with, good or bad. It is up to each individual to make a choice to leave a good impression or a poor one, regardless of where you are. You never know who is watching. Character is defined by what we do when no one is watching.

  13. I am well aware that I am ‘on watch’. I know that what I do is reflected upon others and I take it seriously. Imagine, if you will, a Reverend AND a Hypnotist AND an LMT rolled into one (Soon to add reiki). I have to answer for all the bad hype that people already have heard about all this and more, and that’s how I get my foot in the door. By answering the questions to the best of my ability, and then demonstrating my own work ethic, if I am allowed. If I am in the door first, I don’t want the stigma of being “that guy” if you know what I mean. This is a good reminder for all of us, and thank you, Ross!

  14. i agree, if you dont enjoy what you do, then you whont try harder to improve. i want to leave a impression on others so that they will also strive to get metter

  15. This is a very good and true article. When you get a job doesn’t mean you have it for life because they can hire someone else and they can take your place in no time. Then you will be jobless and you might not get another good job like that, so never slack off at a job cause you might get it taken away.

  16. This the the one bad apple story and havnt we all seen it so many times? we are all responsible not only for our own conduct but for letting poor behaviour get away without comment –

  17. This is a refreshing read. I hope that I can make a positive impact like this for my fellow colleagues. It just shows how a little effort now can surly go a long way!