Forget the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Fall Colors are Here

Pantone’s Color Chart is out and Clary Sage is the go-to for all you fashionistas out there who are wanting the latest fall colors.

Fall’s 2016 Color Palette is earthy and anchoring, with pops of shades that make bold, fearless statements. The theme is confidence, strength and serenity. These colors are grounded yet venturesome, with unexpected color choices that are alluring and festive. Surround yourself in hues of blues and grays, with a swipe of Aurora Red on your lips for a pop of autumn that is confident and sultry. Use Warm Taupe to furnish your home, with splashes of Lush Meadow for throws, and a vase in Bodacious purple. Your home is your kingdom, and you’ll feel nothing but royalty with these majestic autumn hues.

Blues lead the color runway in any form; be daring in a blue eyeshadow to make your eyes pop, indulge in a deep, royal shade for a statement piece, or state your claim in a rich hue of navy velvet in a divine armchair or chic, zip-up bomber. This color is everywhere and creates an essence of peace, confidence, and sophistication. Pantone calls this leading shade Riverside, and we want it in every form we can get our hands on.


This second hue of blue is a softer Airy Blue which is stirs up a sense of freedom and weightlessness. This shade is literally everywhere this fall and pairs seamlessly with the featured bold tones that have pleasantly surprised us all by debuting this season.


The next neutral of fall is Sharkskin which is actually a statement gray that remains earthy but still manages a bold enough appeal to make any room a piece of art. We see this contemporary color paired with the boldest of pinks and purples, as well as more conservative color choices. Silver lining eyeliner follows pursuit of this shade, a gray woven sweater, or your go-to clutch, this statement shade is your new best friend. Make your look flexible, yet modern with Sharkskin.


Aurora Red is a warmer hue of red that immediately demands attention, yet lures the color palette to be transformed by adventure. This shade of red is sensual and inviting, exciting any designer’s sense of color. Let roseate rock your lips, or adorn your loft with fresh flowers in bold coral as a centerpiece. It is not only dynamic and fearless, but inviting and energizing to any interior designer’s palate.


Embrace the richness of the earth and its beautiful muted tones such as Warm Taupe this autumn. We love this color for many reasons: it’s versatile, its classy, and it’s highly compatible with any of Fall 2016’s color palette.


Flush your cheeks with Dusty Cedar – a warm, muted blush that is a must. The newest pink favors similar notes of PANTONES Color of the Year, Rose Quartz. This updated pink is perfect for your pout, carrying spring’s flintiness into autumn and winter. Show your snow bunny flush by adding Dusty Cedar to your blush palate, snuggle up next to a fire, and let this timeless tone carry you into the crisp air of autumn and the snowy plows of winter.


This gem of a color is a quite sophisticated hue of emerald. Lush Meadow is a green we are used to seeing in other seasons but gladly welcome its debut into fall this year. Classy, bold, and bright, this color takes countless forms in this season’s collection.


Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean we have to be restricted from warm hues. Spicy Mustard has autumn’s sun smiling bright as we don our wardrobes in this zesty hue of festive yellow. Unexpected and fierce, spicy yellow is a bolder version of yellow we’ve seen in past seasons.   


Potter’s Clay is an additional layer of color texture and sophistication. This shade exudes a warmth similar to pumpkin, with more earthy, underlying clay tones. Expected for both winter and fall palettes, this grounded color adds depth and foundation. Think Maple leaves, Aztec clay sculptures, and the rich texture of tree bark that acts as a strong foundation for balancing all of nature’s array of colors, but certainly not flattening any other tones.


Pinks and purples have always been irresistible, but this falls’ Bodacious is bold, flexible, and opens the door to all color combinations you vaunt in your personal wardrobe, guest suite bedding, or living room feng shui. Bodacious is versatile with pinks and reds, yet very sophisticated.


We want to hear from your sophisticated palette. Show us how you flaunt fall’s finest is all of its hues below!  

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