Getting Stoned at Community Care College

By Sharon Truelove

Why receive a Hot Stone Massage? 

Why add it to your massage therapy skills?

The deep level of relaxation that can be obtained is phenomenal. The heat of the stones relaxes and unwinds the muscles, drawing out pain and alleviating discomfort.  It is very beneficial to both client and therapist. The client’s muscles soften, thus the therapist doesn’t have to work as hard.

Some of the added benefits are: circulation increases, allowing the body to rejuvenate, toxins are released; it helps relieve:  arthritis, anxiety, stress, back pain, fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia and problems related to blood circulation. Also, clients that have an aversion to cold benefit from hot stone massage.

So…if you’ve never received one, exactly what’s involved in a stone massage? Smooth, flat  stones are placed at specific places on the body. The massage therapist may use what are sometimes referred to as “gliders” to give a Swedish massage, while the placement stones are left to unwind muscle tension. Not only is the heat comforting, but many times the weight of the stones is absolutely delightful.

Cold stone massage also has it’s place in massage. Cold marble stones may be used in place of ice for inflammation….it’s not nearly as messy as melting ice and; contrast application (alternating applications of  cold and hot stones) may be used for a very powerful treatment.

See what you think of this video about cold stone massage below. I would love to hear your comments.

20 thoughts on “Getting Stoned at Community Care College”

  1. Stone massage is my favourite modality. After the lab on stone massage, I promptly went to Ivie and purchased a set to use as practice. It is amazing–incorporating stones with Swedish is one of the most relaxing, pain relieving experiences–LOVE IT. After this article/video, now I want cold stones, too! I am not really a fan of ice (melty, messy) and these look perfect! “Contrast Therapy” looks amazing. *heart heart heart*

  2. I love the idea of using the cold stones during a hot stone therapy. I would like more information about it, if I could (i.e. where can you get the stones, cost, instruction videos, etc.) I have recently learned Bamboo-Fusion and am eager to expand on other types of modalities and tools. Thanks Sharon for sharing.

  3. I LOVE stone massage! I love to give as well as receive. I love the feel of the smooth stones against the skin, & the way they glide over the muscles! I’m sooo looking forward to next week and to offer this skill to my clients! 🙂

  4. This looks great.I love cold packs on my neck when I have a headache so the thought of a cold stone massaging my neck – cant wait for next week. Assume I can use the black stones cold but guess they just wont stay cold as long – is it worth investing in the marble ones?

  5. I’m very much looking forward to hot stone massage this week, although I’m wondering at ways to help keep myself from feeling achy at the end of the day after giving the massage? After our Alpha lab, I was pretty sore.

  6. I am not usually a fan of cold in almost any form, but I can see the use therapeutically. It sounded like the video mentioned bursitus as something cold stone massage would be good for. Will we learn more about this during lab this week? I know someone with bursitis and would love to find out more about how to help them.

  7. This is awesome, I know alot of people love it but dont know if its worth the money, looking forward to seeing how we can get our guests to invest.

  8. I have never had a hot stone massage, and cant wait to get one and learn about them. I didnt know it did so much for the body!! I am excited about this week!!

  9. Well, I don’t mind giving Hot Stone, but I’ll stick with cold stones for me. Of course, I’ll add this modality to my repertoire!

  10. I love hot stone massage. Especially if enjoying a spa vacation, it adds a really nice change from swedish. Looking forward to learning the skills to provide to my future clients!

  11. Hot stone massage is great. If anyone enjoys heat this is perfect. The way the the heat relaxes the tissues is amazing. I think that sometimes it is just that little extra that will finally give to get a tough knot, adhesion, or trigger point to release. Cold stone would be interesting, but I don’t think most people would ask for it. I think that many could benefit, but it would be harder to market.

  12. That was amazing. I am loving stone massage. I like that it is easier on the therapist. And it feels totally amazing. As the therapist my hands do not hurt and are getting benefits from it. As the client it makes my muscles feel like jello-its amazing. Here let me say it one more time. It feels amazing.

  13. I never really knew I would ever love Hot Stone Massage as much as I do. I really am interested in the contrast massage after seeing the video on youtube I am more interested in it then I was when we briefly talked about it. I can not wait until I have all these techniques under my belt and they are 100 percent.

  14. I really enjoyed giving and receiving the hot stone massage, I’m always cold in the massage room so it was very nice feeling the heat of the stones.
    I don’t think I’d be a big fan of the cold stone because I’m always freezing as is but it looks interesting enough to do.
    Thank you!

  15. Stone massage isn’t one of my favorites but it is deeply relaxing and it’s amazing to feel the muscles afterwards whether your on the recieving end or giving. I like that it can help people with circulation issues as well

  16. I have enjoyed the stone massages this week. I have found that the heat really relaxes the muscles before the actual massage.

  17. I love giving and recieving stone massage! I just wish I could of reicieved one this week. I haven’t tried cold stone massage so maybe soon I will recieve one and love it as much as I love hot stone massage.

  18. I’m glad I took a look at this, what a nice combination! Hot stones with cold stones, like the Huntington Response. Great idea for achiness!

  19. I injoy giving hot stone more than recieving. I tend to get over heated and the noise of the the srones clanging gey=ts on my nerves. but I hear that Sharon gives the Best hot stone massage of the omega class so I am waiting to get one from her and matbe my opinion will change. they do have a great benifit as Ms. SHARON MENTIONED ABOVE> Thanks Sharon