Ginger Confessions | 4 Beauty Tips I Live By

Everyone’s morning routine is different. Some people shower at night, some shower in the morning. Some people take 20 minutes, some people take 2 hours. It all depends on you. I personally like my sleep,  so I shower at night and take about 45 minutes to get ready in the morning — sometimes less if I wear my hair up.

Since I like to get every minute of sleep possible, I have learned how to maximize every minute in the morning.

Here are four beauty tips I live by that not only ensure flawless makeup application, but a few extra minutes to worry about your hair.

1. Warm up your mascara before applying.

Warming up your mascara helps you get a smooth coat and will make your lashes less likely to clump up. I usually rub my hands together or place the tube under my legs for a few seconds to let my body heat warm the mascara.

2. Use eye shadow as eyeliner.

After applying a thin line of eyeliner, use a fine tip brush to apply another thin line of black eye shadow on top of the eyeliner. This will not only help your eyeliner stay all day, but also gives me that nice and blended look.

3. Apply a small amount of white or shimmer eye shadow to the inside corner of your eyes.

This really brightens your eyes and gives your eyes “WOW” factor.

4. Use concealer on your lips.

Before applying your lipstick, put a thin layer of concealer on your lips to give you a flawless lip line.