New Year New Closet!


The start of every new year is always an indicator that is time to clean out and organize my closet.  I love clothes, I love shoes and I love all the items in between, but most of all I love a closet that inspires me every day.  Ever since I can remember I have been a consumer who will buy fashion items simple because I think they will look beautiful in my closet, a little crazy I know, but this is my “closet art”

I believe that regardless of the size of your closet you can turn it into a beautiful space that will be a joy to look at every day.  I have compiled  several of my favorite closet organizing  tips to help create the closet of your dreams:

1.DECLUTTER– cleaning your closet out is the first step to a creating that perfect look, follow these steps  and it will be easier than you think:

– If it has a hole, rip, tear or it is worn out,  throw  it away

– I f you haven’t worn it in the last 2 years, donate it; Typically if you haven’t worn  something in over 2 years  you really are not happy with the way it looks on you.   Don’t wear things if you do not feel great about yourself in them.       *****Many people will say “I think it might be coming back in style,  I don’t want to get rid of it”.  Unless you are going for a vintage, retro look don’t fool yourself into believing it will work again.  (All recreated fashions are modernized.)

  – If it doesn’t fit,  donate/resale it;    having items that do not fit you in your closet just                                                                      take up room and cause you to have bad thoughts ; If you get back down to that perfect size it is a great excuse to treat yourself  t0 a new wardrobe!

 I f you would not buy it in a store TODAY,donate/resale it.  Always wear clothing you love!











3. Have a designated spot for shoes, jewelry, purses and scarves:


**** A great alternative for shoe racks are book shelves from                    Target or Ikea.


***Using the top drawers of a dresser is perfect for keeping your jewelry organized

4. SIZE DOESN’T MATTER–  Of course we would all love to have a huge closet,  I love it when women are able to turn small bedrooms or office spaces into their own fashion haven; however that is not always possible.  You can turn any size closet into a cherished space by following the above tips.

photos taken from & Ruby Press