Our Solution for Dry Cracked Hands!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all get dry, cracked hands. We lotion and we lotion and nothing seems to be working. Why are our hands so dry? Because we go into the cold air without protection on our skin. Winter is cold frigid weather with no mercy. The air is mostly dry even when there is moisture on the ground. It takes heat and moisture to make humidity, and unfortunately we do not get that during winter months. The coldness of the air zaps the moisture right out of our skin – especially if it is exposed to the air. So, what do we do?

We run to Clary Sage College and get a supply of OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand Cream and Avocado Lipid Complex from the Nail Technology department!

The High-Intensity Hand Cream envelops severely dry hands in protective butters, but I would highly recommend not eating these butters. With repeated use, the result is a dramatic increase in elasticity for softer, smoother hands and stronger nails. For head to toe softness, try Moisture Replenishing Lotion.

The Avocado Lipid Complex is the foundation of the Avoplex system. It is packed with naturally moisturizing, protecting and soothing ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and avocado oil – which closely resemble our skin’s own natural oils. This makes our skin softer, smoother and healthier. So, put the power of Avocado to work for you this winter with Avoplex Products and you will have the softest, smoothest and healthiest hands in your neighborhood.

Don’t let Old Man Winter play havoc with your skin this year!

By: Glenda Nibblet