Quiz Yourself

By Laura Gordon

So you’re on your way to being a Massage Therapist, or maybe you already are a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist. Great! Whether new or graduated, how are those professional skills of yours?

Here’s a little pop quiz for you. Ok, it’s really not, but it’s an opportunity to score yourself on your professionalism in the field you have chosen. Remember even if you are a student early to the program or nearing the end of your externship, you are being groomed to be a professional massage therapist. What better time to develop good habits than when you are a student? And if you are out there working as a Massage Therapist here’s an opportunity to see how well you are presenting yourself and representing your training.

So read on and be honest as you score yourself.


1 = Rarely

2 = Sometimes

3 = Mostly

4 = Always

Give yourself a fair score on each question below.  Write the numbers down and we’ll add them at the end.

Prior to the massage:

  1. If I am going to be late or have to miss class/work, I call and let my instructor/boss know in advance (for those working, I give my boss enough time to find my replacement).
  2. My clothes are clean and fragrance free before going to class or work.
  3. I set the table to the appropriate height for me.
  4. Before I begin and after I end each massage I wash my hands and forearms.
  5. I greet my clients with a warm smile.
  6. I ask the client if there are any areas he/she would like me to focus my work.
  7. I ask the client if there are any areas he/she would not like me to focus my work such as injuries, surgeries etc.
  8. Prior to the massage I take a moment to set aside the events of my day and center and ground my energy/thoughts/attitude so that the client can feel calm and relaxed during the massage.

During the massage:

9. I consistently remember to ask the client if he/she wants a bolster.

10. I keep talking to a minimum or follow the client’s lead.

11. Using a soft tone of voice I ask several times during the massage how my pressure is.

12. I am confident in my draping and do not draw attention to it by quick, jerky movements or over working the folds and tucking.

13. I remove the bolster before asking the client to turn over.

14. I repeat the same technique I use on the left arm/leg on the right side.

15. My body mechanics is correct, and I keep my shoulders relaxed.

16. Before the client turns from supine to prone I make sure the bolster is removed and the face cradle is in place.

That’s it! Now add up your score and find out where you stand:

0 – 6                 I am in need of a mortician’s service

7 – 14               I need to check the level of mercury in my drinking water

15 – 24            I am so new to massage that people smell freshly cut hay when I walk in the room

25 – 34            I have a lot to learn

35 – 44            I know my craft but keep letting the details slip by

45 – 54            I am good but still have a few things to polish

55 – 64            I am a seasoned therapist

If you’re brave enough we’d love to hear your results so please comment with your score!

26 thoughts on “Quiz Yourself”

  1. So… I took the test, and then was slightly confused at the end because my score was well above what the “grading” portion suggested. Even if I split the scores for each section, My scores are still above the top score. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to learn, because as you will see, I still have things to learn and/or details to pay attention to. So, having said that, here goes:

    First Section Score: 31/32
    Second Section Score: 28/32
    Combined Score: 59/64

    Not perfect, but still honest. Thanks Ross, for the reminders that I still need. I really appreciate it!

  2. I’m brave enough. I scored higher than what is listed. While the chart says I’m a seasoned therapist, that isn’t a true statement. I may have the professionalism down, but I have a long way to go in order to considered a seasoned therapist. This will come with practice and a lot more learning. Thanks to all for getting me to this point. Let the journey continue.

  3. On the Quiz Yourself:

    My score was 55 our of a possible 64?–giving myself 2points, 3 points or 4 points on 16 questions…if I only gave myself one point on each, I would have rated the
    “20 – 18 I am a seasoned therapist”–I am so confused. I must have misunderstood the scoring system?

  4. This was a wonderful evaluation test. It was kinda neat to see where I stand but, I am kinda confused about the scoring process. It says I got a 56 so I am thinking I added something wrong but I am titled a seasoned massage therapist. So Yay me!!

  5. By the looks of it, Im a seasoned therapist! Woo! The quiz definatley reminded me of the things I need to work on though. Always a good reminder to keep yourself in check.

  6. Well I did pretty well. I got a 52 without the last question. I didn’t know how to answer on that one since I don’t believe I have ever started a client face up and then turned them prone. I could just claim to always do it correctly since I have never done it wrong. That would put me at a 56. I definitely would not personally rate myself as a seasoned massage therapist though. I still feel like I have way to much to learn.

  7. The scoring says I’m a seasoned therapist but like others I have “A LOT” to learn I think this quiz was awesome because it showed me the things I need to focus on to improve. Thanks!

  8. Theses kinds of tests are always interesting. I scored good, but I know that I can still improve in all areas and have sooo much more to learn. Time and experience will help to get me there. Thanks.

  9. I like this test because it showed me what areas I still need to work on. It says that I’m a seasoned therapist, I still think I need practice. Thank you for all the good information.

  10. I was pleased that I’m so new to this and I scored a 56. I know there are definitely areas that I need improvement in, and am always willing to find new ways to see where these areas are. Thanks for a great and fun quiz!

  11. Think this quiz is culturally fixed!! I need to get a better American attitude and of course remember Bolsters Bolsters Bolsters. 🙂

  12. I am new to all this so I definately “am good but still have a few things to polish.” I have some of the basics down but must remember the bolster!

  13. This test scored me as a seasoned therapist. This test also reminded me what is important about giving a massage for the client and for myself. This also helped me remember about the correct body mechanics.

  14. 51. I will continue honing my skills in preparation for the career ahead of me. I am a vessel, help me fill myself with knowledge, professionalism, and good intention.

  15. I’m home sick today and tired of sleeping so I just retook this quiz. I’m very pleased with a 64.