Room Renovation | Interior Design Students at Work

Recently, the Interior Design department had the opportunity to help a client settle into his new home. The thing we LOVED about this project was how much the space reflected the homeowner’s style! Today, I wanted to share a few tips on incorporating your personal style into your interiors.

Always let furniture and accessories you love direct your style. It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest trend, or trying to pick classic pieces that we overlook the items that really say, ‘this is me!’

Remember, your home should reflect your personality, not the pages of a magazine. One of my favorite design tips is “If you love it, it will work.” If you follow that one rule you are sure to have a home that is full of personality!

Here are a few photos from our project!

11406805_981803741843978_7551003470935001296_n 10606020_981803788510640_8029994657495282123_n 10985567_981803751843977_2002886952839456749_n 11220814_981803828510636_1635052286680503752_n 11391382_981803798510639_135445376436052919_n 11390050_981803778510641_1092181889275214682_n 11401110_981803811843971_4495873420525353807_n 11391553_981803875177298_3779732532147856602_n 11391112_981803848510634_4759604374534683158_nTell us how you show off your style in your home!