The Best Blush Colors for Your Skin Tone

Blush can be tricky. It’s supposed to look natural, but that may be a little challenging to reach. A shade too dark can make you look clownish and too light can make you look washed out. The first step to ensuring you decide on the perfect blush is knowing your skin tone.

We’re gonna focus on fair, medium and dark skin tones.

Fair Skin

If you’re a fair skinned babe, pinks, peaches and plums are the way to go.

Medium Skin

If you’re a medium skinned babe, apricot, mauve and berry tones are for you.


Dark Skin

If you’re a dark skinned babe, head toward raisin, brick and bright tangerine.


There it is, a few shades perfect for every skin tone! Having a couple of shades to choose from is never a bad idea, espicially when you want to switch up your makeup routine!