The Colors of Spring

Hello Spring!

We love this blog from (ML Team, Micah Walls @tha_striver)!  Even though she’s blogging out of our area, it’s still a great, quick guide to the colors of the season from a leading Fashion Trend website:  Check out both this great info below and   Better make sure these colors are lighting up your closet!

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First we have Dazzling Blue 18-3949 17.05 % of designers used this hue Spring 2014, making one it of the MOST POPULAR amongst the color trends of 2014.  Dazzling Blue also plays a big role amongst the emerging aquatic trend this Spring. Also be sure to pair this hue with Cayenne to make a bold statement.

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Violet Tulip 16-3823 is the perfect hue that captures any women’s femininity.  Pair this color with white to set things off with a romantic feel!

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Radiant Orchid 18-3224  was ruled as’s color of the year for 2014.  This color has a very vibrant appeal and can be universal for males and females making it a staple color for any gender, be on the lookout for this hue!

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Celosia Orange 17-1360 gains it’s color inspiration from the Flamingo, peaches, and a hint of mellow yellow.  This colorway in my opinion will be the most seen and is one of my top favorite colors of Spring 2014.

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Freesia 14-0852 will be a staple color this spring and summer possesing the powerful radiance of a dandelion, making this a powerful floral color this season.

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Cayenne 18-1651 will serve as a color that will bring nature “ALIVE” this spring and summer.  This color is described as an IMPACT color with high – pitches in red mixed with dashes of spice and heat.  Vision this color with Freesia this summer to add an intensity to your wardrobe.

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Placid Blue 15-3920 will also be a very popular color of the year adding a calmness and tranquil feel to any look or outfit.  Pair with Dazzling Blue to illuminate your look!

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Paloma 16-0000 will serve it’s purpose as a neutral color but yet still provide you an distinct edge.

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Sand 15-1225 this hue will be perfect in the spring but even better this summer! Be on the lookout for this colorway especially during the summer months due to the emerging trend of linen fabrications coming back into play 2014.

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Hemlock 15-6114  this is a color that has a sense of muted emotion which can be paired with prints, black hues, white and candy pink.  Also pair this color with Violet Tulip for a signature look this spring.

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