How Beautiful Are the Feet?!

By Ross Ashcraft & Sage Baker

Have you ever said these phrases out loud??  “My feet are killing me!”  “Why does that spot hurt on my big toe?” & “Honey, please rub my feet tonight!?”

One of the best solutions we can offer is as old (if not older) than one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.  In Africa we have hieroglyphics on temple walls showing foot massages being performed to relieve stress.   Ancient Egyptians knew the power of keeping the feet happy.  Modern humans have created all sorts of unique ways of alleviating foot pain.  However, we feel that Reflexology is one of the most beneficial ways.

Sage Baker:  “I personally enjoy reflexology because of how it has enlightened me about the tremendous role feet play in the health and well-being of people. Ever since Sharon (Lively) one my first instructors at Community Care College, introduced reflexology to the class, I have been vastly interested in obtaining more information over the subject. “

Reflexology is a system or process of massaging the feet that attempts to not just dissipate pain but also balance the WHOLE body.  We have discovered these points on the feet that correspond to points throughout the body.  The objective of the reflexologist is to stimulate these reflexes and therefore positively affect the corresponding body part.

I recently found in my own home library a book called The Art of Reflexology by Inge Dougans and Suzanne Flissis.  I found it fascinating that reflex points on the feet correspond with all the body parts. Reflexologists attempt to not just heal the body, but also help balance all the body’s systems.  They stimulate the under-active areas and calm the overactive ones.  Reflexology helps to alleviate the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation thereby allowing the nervous system to function normally. So with all of the wonderful things it does for you, it would be difficult for me to understand why anyone would not like this!

Isaiah 54,  “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace, and salvation, the news that God of Israel reigns.”  So let’s make our feet beautiful!!!!!

Relaxing Reflexology:

Now I want to show you a wonderful way to apply Reflexology.

Products:  1.) Heat up at least four hand towels and acquire something to keep the towels warm.   2.)  Choose a nice gliding oil and perhaps some aromatic essential oils.


1.)  Warm up the area by doing some jostling of the ankle and foot.  We call these particular moves:   foot boogie or foot pumping.

2.)  Divide the sole of the foot into 5 zones from toe heel and walk your thumb through the areas.

3.)  Take a hot towel and wrap that foot.  Now repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 on the second foot.

Foot Reflexology4.)  Using the chart provided, stimulate with gentle but firm circles the areas corresponding to the organs on the original foot:  Lungs; Heart; Stomach or Liver; Kdney, and the entire Colon.  Repeat on the second foot.

5.)  Using the chart provide, stimulate with gentle but firm circles the areas corresponding to the glands on the original foot:  Pituitary; Pineal; Thyroid; Thymus; Pancreas; & Adrenals.  Repeat on the second foot.

6.)  Finish the foot with gentle strokes that address any lingering stress they might be feeling.

6.)  A wonderful way to finish is to wrap their feet in new hot towels while they relax and enjoy how wonderful their feet now feel.


How do you work on YOUR feet when they hurt?


Art of Reflexology:

Zone Therapy – The Basis of Modern Reflexology

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29 thoughts on “How Beautiful Are the Feet?!”

  1. Having done reflexology in class not too long back was wonderful. I would love to get a food massage at least once a week it is very relaxing. If could one everyday I will take that too. Now I need to share this information with my husband and maybe we can trade with each other.

  2. I loved learning the reflexology it was very interesting to see how the body can be affected by it. And the warm towels feel amazing!!! One of my favorites!

  3. I am one of those people that say out loud that my feet are killing me. After studying reflexology and I found out how relaxing this was and how much it help my feet and other parts of my body I am a firm believer in this. I am also going to add it in to my practice all that I can. I am looking forward in finding out more about reflexology.

  4. I like reflexology, feels good to receive it, very relaxing! Plus I love when someone’s working on my feet! I like giving a foot massage too!

  5. I loved learning about all of the zones and how different areas on the feet affect different organs. Anybody and everybody can use reflexology. I love how you can balance the whole body out just by doing some reflexology. I love how you feel afterwards it is amazing.

  6. reflexology is a pretty interesting topic i never really new the feat had something to do with all the glands and organs and stuff i just new the feet didnt get much circulation and it holds a lot of the bodies toxins and lactic acids and stuff like that but reflexology seems to take alot of time in general i defenitly cant sit for an hour and do this

  7. I don’t come from a family of hurting feet. However, I married into a family of bunion city! Since then, I now know what “My Dogs Are Barking” means. To think that the bottom of your feet can make an effect on the rest of your body is an amazing thought! To balance the WHOLE body by manipulating the bottom of people’s feet? Who would’ve thought!

  8. I loved learning about reflexology in class I love giving foot massages and am wanting to go into reflexology. We stand on our feet all day long they get the most use and we don’t treat them well. We need Happy Feet 🙂

  9. great article! I love when i get my feet worked on it because i do go into a deep relaxation stage. When i work on my clients, i’ll be using some of these reflexology techniques for sure!

  10. I thought it was neat to learn that reflexology can help with stress. I look forward to learning more about it while in school. When my feet hurt usually rub them on the carpet.

  11. I’ve always been extremely interested in reflexology and was kind of bummed to learn the week before I transitioned into core they had studied such. I’m SO looking forward to learning about it when the time comes. I am definitely going to be reading more about reflexology and practice ahead of time if I can.

  12. I have always been too ticklish for people to touch my feet. The pressure of reflexology allows me to not be so ticklish. I like knowing where each organ and gland are located at in the feet. It amazes me how are bodies function even through our feet.

  13. Love, love, love the addition of hot towels! Turns a reflexology session into a spa journey.

  14. Reflexology was one of my favorite weeks. I will definitely continue doing my own research and learning of the practice.

  15. I rub my feet every time they feel soar or ache. I didn’t realize until we discussed reflexology in class but I have instinctively been using these techniques my whole life to relieve my foot soreness and pain.

  16. Very good article. I just find it fascinating that there are places in your body that corresponds with places on your feet! Having the knowledge to elevate pain or relieve stress is wonderful!!!

  17. I don’t mind working on feet but I hate having my feet worked on because I’m so ticklish. I’ve had reflexology performed on my a few times now and it’s the one foot massage I can sit through because it doesn’t have to involve stroking of any kind. I love that is uses trigger points and firm pressure into the foot. Feels awesome to have it done, even though I hate having it done.

  18. I really like reflexology. I think it’s neat how everything gravitates to the feet and how you can even out the whole body by just starting at the base.

  19. I prefer to receive reflexology than to give it. Im fascinated with the science behind it, just not on my “favorites” list

  20. I have always loved reflexology! I have always given myself a foot rub after a long day and after learning more about reflexology I know how to do it a little better now.

  21. When my feet hurt I use a golf ball on the bottom of my feet. Rolling it on the floor with my foot and using my body weight to determine how much pressure I want. I also use a frozen bottle of water when they are inflamed.