Tired of Tired Eyes?

By Laura Gordon

Is your experience is anything like mine? I spend a better part of my work day in front of a computer. By the end of the day my eyes are tired and burn when I close them. Often I have a minor headache.

Lately I began looking for ways of relieving my tired, burning eyes. There are several “cures” that I found to be very beneficial.

The first one came from my ophthalmologist who recommended I use lubricant eye drops several times a day.  There are many over the counter varieties on the market. By the way, Visine is not a good option for the long run. Briefly, as a vasoconstrictor, prolonged use damages the eyes. The following website is a good source for brand listing, ingredients, recommendations and additional information: http://www.agingeye.net/dryeyes/dryeyesdrugtreatment.php

Here are some techniques also very helpful not only to the eyes but also for puffiness and for relieving minor headaches stemming from tired eyes:


1.  Look away from the computer several times an hour. Don’t forget that performing some type of exercise like walking, deep breathing, neck and shoulder rolls or other physical exertion is most beneficial to overall health including the eyes.

2.  This last one requires two spoons and a refrigerator. Place spoons in the freezer to cool for a few minutes (do not freeze). Cup them over the eyes until the cool sensation penetrates through the eyelid tissue. Then reverse the curvature of the spoon and place them under the eyes. This is feels good and reduces puffiness.


1.  Rub both hands together for heat from the friction. Cover both closed eyes with the palms of the hands and experience the soothing warmth flood through the lids and around the eye socket area relaxing the eye muscles and giving the tired eyes relief. Repeat until the eyes feel rested.

2.  With eyes closed place thumbs gently below the eyebrows and using the lightest of pressure move in small circular motion for 10 seconds. Move one thumb width away and repeat the light circular motion just barely touching the skin yet moving the tissue underneath. Repeat this exercise until you have made a complete circuit around the eye socket changing to the ring finger on the lateral edge of the eye socket to the bridge of the nose.

3.  At the base of each eyebrow place the forefinger above the eyebrow and the thumb below the eyebrow and, again, with the lightest of touches bring forefinger and thumb toward each other gently pinching the skin. Repeat five times. This is the first of three lymphatic drainage moves made on the eye brow reducing puffiness around the eye. The second position is on the center or arch of the eyebrow repeating the “pinch” five times. The last position is on the inside corner of the eyebrow. Again repeat the “pinch” five times. To do this treatment properly and stimulate removal of all puffiness, repeat the entire procedure three more times.

In the course of our busy lives we neglect to set aside a moment for our own healing benefit. Our eyes are our most sensitive organ. Taking some restorative time out lets us “see” more clearly how important it is to take care of them.

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