The Benefits of Massage Cupping

Cupping is a therapy that follows Asian medicine theories. This technique uses glass cups warmed up by a quick flame and placed upside down directly on the skin creating a vacuum to massage. In Asian medicine, it is believed the body’s energy flows through channels called meridians. These meridians have acupoints that are associated with the organs of the body. In cupping, the cups are placed on these acupoints to relieve energy stagnation. While the cup has suction, you lift it up and move it along the region. This not only helps with energy but also with myofascial release, knots, cellulite and scar tissue.

Massage cupping can also be used for post-surgical procedures to aid in your client’s recovery process. Clients with deep scars have seen amazing results with massage cupping as well as clients with fibromyalgia and sciatica. This technique can truly change your massage practice. There are several certification workshops held throughout the year in major cities around the United States.

Massage Cupping will not irritate the skin or body and feels very relaxing. This cupping technique increases blood circulation to the muscles and skin, which brings nourishment and allows the toxins to be removed though the lymph system. This technique is not painful; it actually activates the sedation of the nervous system and allows the client to enter deep relaxation. You can use massage cupping on any area of the body, including directly on top of the spine.

This therapy also benefits the massage therapist by putting less stress on their hands and joints. So why not try it?!

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