Scalp Massage That Will Make You Purr!

By Sharon Truelove

Are you dazed and doe-eyed Monday mornings? Do you get that “Can I make it through the rest of the week?” Wednesday feeling? Have you made it to Friday, you want to go out, but just don’t feel like it?

A good method to stimulate mental functioning, is to give yourself a good scalp massage.  It increases circulation and also helps the health of your hair. You can do this anywhere or anytime.


1.) Start by putting the fingers of both hands on your forehead meeting at the center of your forehead, thumbs resting on your temples for support. Slowly apply pressure then release.

2.) Work your fingers further up and into the hairline and, again, slowly apply pressure then release.

3.) Now move toward the back of your head and further into the hair slowly apply pressure and release.

4.) Work your way further back and down with each new position until you reach the occipital area.

5.) Return to the forehead  and repeat  front to back moving outward and toward the ears.

6.) Inhaling and exhaling with each pressure.  This will enhance the release of tension.

Watch the short videos showing different techniques below.

Try all of them on yourself and let me know which technique you liked best.  Enjoy!

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