Scalp Massage That Will Make You Purr!

By Sharon Truelove

Are you dazed and doe-eyed Monday mornings? Do you get that “Can I make it through the rest of the week?” Wednesday feeling? Have you made it to Friday, you want to go out, but just don’t feel like it?

A good method to stimulate mental functioning, is to give yourself a good scalp massage.  It increases circulation and also helps the health of your hair. You can do this anywhere or anytime.


1.) Start by putting the fingers of both hands on your forehead meeting at the center of your forehead, thumbs resting on your temples for support. Slowly apply pressure then release.

2.) Work your fingers further up and into the hairline and, again, slowly apply pressure then release.

3.) Now move toward the back of your head and further into the hair slowly apply pressure and release.

4.) Work your way further back and down with each new position until you reach the occipital area.

5.) Return to the forehead  and repeat  front to back moving outward and toward the ears.

6.) Inhaling and exhaling with each pressure.  This will enhance the release of tension.

Watch the short videos showing different techniques below.

Try all of them on yourself and let me know which technique you liked best.  Enjoy!

31 thoughts on “Scalp Massage That Will Make You Purr!”

  1. We do a routine like this in our massage therapy class & yes if feels awesome!!!! It make the client & the therapist more relaxed. Great technique to use if your having a migraine too!!!

  2. All of them were great! I think I liked the second video the best, they were all very relaxing and felt wonderful on my scalp, thought I would get a winner out of all of them with my daughter and son, but they both were close to sleep by the time I was finished. As I was working on each of them, I could feel them relax and release all they were thinking about, could see the tension on their faces moving out from them with each technique used. This was the whole massage on them and both reported that it was a great way to get a somewhat fast break in, they think by adding this to a 60 or 90 minute massage anything after this they would be asleep anyway. Can’t wait to try this on my clients that come in with headaches just from the day to day things they are going through, I most always give scalp massage in my routine, but now will fit it in for sure some where.

  3. i’ve got long hair, so naturally, i’m a huge scalp massage fan. this technique is simple and a good self massage plus, feels really great. thanks

  4. I end my facials with a scalp massage, to help stimulate them into waking up. Although, I will usually begin my massages with a scalp massage, to connect and induce relaxation. Regardless of when a scalp massage is performed, I have found that clients absolutely love it. I usually give myself one at the end of the day, after taking my hair down. It feels so good. It’s amazing how something so simple feels so good. Thanks.

  5. My favorite technique out of these was number one. It felt good to put pressure on my forehead and temples. It did make me feel more awake simply because I was applying pressure to my forehead. These techniques also seem like a good idea for a headache.

  6. This technique seems like it would be really great for people who get frequent headaches. I plan on trying this at home this week to see if it makes me more alert.

  7. I give both my younger kids this treat twice a week and it helps them with school and i have copied and pasted it to friends and family and they love it, too.

  8. Totally right, these techniques do make you purr :). My mother in law loved them and said she actually got relief & now wants me to do them to her every morning… Thank you Ross.

  9. These techniques were great! My mom and I both get alot of neck pain and headaches and these techniques were wonderful. Mom has been sleeping alot better since I do them for her everynight. Very grateful, Thank you.

  10. I really enjoyed the last video, simple yet very relaxing circular motions covering the entire scalp. I loved the way she described how to work the occipital muscles, “Playing a piano”. I look forward to learning different techniques through the blog. Thanks!

  11. This is awesome especially when you have small children running around and you seem to get that headache right when they scream “Mommy”. I am always and forever doing this technique on myself just to keep composure.

  12. Take me back to the old hair stylist days. This was a practice we used on our clients during the shampoo session. It was so relaxing. I was told that head massage was the best part of the appointment. I have to agree with the client. When I’m tense I will use this technique and it will relieve stress.

  13. I happen to like them all. I do this a lot on myself. It helps with some of my head aches and helps my brain just slow down at night so i can relax enough to go to sleep. I have use this for a while and i will continue to use them.

  14. Must you really say anything other than…YUMMY??? I think not. I love giving and receiving this type of treatment. It is very relaxing, but also stimulates your nerves just so. I will always do this for myself, family, friends, & clients.

  15. I love to receive scalp massage and I enjoy giving it even more. I am so excited to learn some new techniques. My kiddos love thierry heads rubbed and I tried this and have a feeling they are going to ask for “head tickling” EVERY night!

  16. I do this alot when my head is killing me and it does help , I think most people would enjoy this if given to them during the massage..

  17. I like all the treatments! I’m dazed and doe eyed every morning I wake up and have to go to work. This helps me wake up a little bit.

  18. I will have to try this in the morning. Cause after I warm up from my drive to school I get sleepy again. So hopefuly this will work good on me and something I can do in class while still learning.

  19. I love scalp massages. When I wear my hair up it often starts to feel sore, and these are great ways to help relax it. I get goosebumps when I do it!

  20. I’m not very good at scalp massage, it’s a low point in my massage routing but those videos really helped. Sometimes i have trouble waking up, this really woke me up and released a lot of tension. I also like to do this at the end of the day when i take my hair down after work. Helps me focus on homework. Thanks!

  21. I am always dazed and doe-eyed. Probably because my sleep schedule is so messed up. Monday mornings mostly these would just relax me and put me to sleep. But they do feel good. I think most people who know me know that I like a little hair pulling now and then.

  22. I have so many clients that purr at my shampoo bowl, and a specific friend who when she is having a terrible day will call me and just come by so i can shampoo her hair for her. it makes so much more sense now why my clients are gaga for this lol i’ve already added a few of these steps and look forward to adding more

  23. One of my favorite parts of hair done has always been the shampoo and massage. I enjoy the scalp massage very much and will be making this part of my personal routine..

  24. There is nothing like a lovely scalp massage I love this technique and thought I already rub my head in my own way, this one was definitely worth the try