National Small Business Week

It’s National Small Business Week which means it’s time to celebrate over 28 million small business that help our nation’s economy move forward. Small businesses bring growth and innovation that is vital to local communities. Recent graduate of Clary Sage College, Laura Rosbrugh, shares how she was able to open a successful skincare business after completing the Esthetics program.


“When I began attending Clary Sage College for Esthetics, I only knew I came in with a passion for skin and skin care. From my very first day, everyone I encountered was there to help me achieve my goals. I didn’t know that I wanted to own my own studio immediately out of the gate. I always assumed I would grow and learn through another studio first, but I left Clary Sage feeling confident, not only in my knowledge of my chosen field but equipped to open up on my own.”

Laura says that the Career and Life Development course that is taken at the beginning of every program was instrumental in her success. “Career and Life Development is the only way to begin this journey, teaching you money management, marketing, personal branding, interview techniques, and resume building, on top of a host of other life skills essential to every trade.”


“The instructors at Clary do not just teach you the basics, enough to pass State Board Exams, they invest their time, energy, understanding, and passion into their classes, ensuring your success at whatever path you chose to take in your chosen field. I am now the owner of A Different Esthetic Skin Care in Jenks, Oklahoma and could not have achieved this goal without the skills I was equipped with by attending Clary Sage College.”
Small businesses like Laura’s comprise 99.7% of all U.S. firms and employee 48% of the private workforce, according to the Small Business Association. They also accounted for 1.1 million net new jobs in 2013. The role of small business in economic development is undoubtedly a large one so don’t forget to express your gratitude to these crucial components.