Escape Work Stress with Simple Massage Techniques

We know the stresses of life- between balancing a job, paying the bills, and taking care of your family, it’s easy to put yourself last on the list of priorities. Stress and anxiety produce a plethora of side effects- but perhaps the most common are muscle tension and cramps in the neck, and lower back- and when these get extreme, they can cause migraines. The last thing you need on top of the stress is tight muscles and a sore back.

We are here to help. With these few video resources, you can give yourself a massage to help alleviate the pain and get relaxed. We’ll share a few of our favorites- but if you would rather take a spa day for yourself, set an appointment at our state-of-the-art facility for a spa day.

Neck Pain

Endless days at the computer, constant lifting, and sleeping in the wrong position can leave your neck stiff and in pain. Severe neck pain can lead to headaches, neck cramps, and even more stress because of the pain. Try this simple self-massage to alleviate neck pain:


Back Pain

Back pain is the worst, can’t we all agree? It affects your entire body- and can lead to severe headaches. Heavy lifting, playing with the kids, or endless hours on your feet can trigger back pain. This video shows a pretty impressive way on how to give yourself a back massage.


An easy way to relieve back stress is through this creative method of self-massage using a tennis ball. Try these techniques out to ease the pain and stress of back pain.



Headaches and migraines are crippling and debilitating. They can affect your vision, your ability to focus, and they rob precious time from your day. If you have experienced living in the fog of a migraine, then we suggest checking out this video for a simple way to relieve migraines. These headache self-massage therapy techniques will also help with migraines and should give some fast pain relief and relaxation.


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