3 Steps to Healthy Winter Skin

Summer’s over, the leaves have changed and begun to fall from the trees and that can only mean one thing – winter isn’t far behind. Though our Oklahoma winters are highly unpredictable, we expect the usual frigid winds, snow and ice. We bundle up in our heavy coats, light cozy fires, and turn up the heat – which in turn plays havoc with our skin.

I have a few tips for keeping your skin from looking dry and shriveled like the trees outside!

First, we need to change up our routine a little. In summer, our focus is on exfoliating and keeping our sun-kissed skin bright and soft. In winter, we need to switch our focus to moisturizing. The environment changes and becomes very dry, depriving our skin of vital moisture, causing it to look dull and show more fine lines. No worries though, Dermalogica has some very simple fixes to keep us glowing through the holidays.

Think layers – just like we layer our clothes to keep warmer, layer on the moisture to keep hydrated!


First, if you aren’t already using it, try adding Multi-Active Toner to your routine.

It’s super simple to use – just spray a few spritzes across your face after cleansing and it will lock in moisture, relieving that tight, itchy feeling. It can even be used throughout the day, over your makeup for a quick refresh. It contains aloe and cucumber, so it’s soothing and ultra-moisturizing.

Next, try Skin Hydrating Booster.

Again, it’s really easy to use. Add 6-10 drops with your favorite moisturizer and it does just what it says – boosts the hydration!  Instant softer skin that’s better protected from harsh environments.

And lastly, don’t forget to mask.

This is an important step in any skin routine. In the summer, you may only need to mask once a week, but with the heat in our homes, offices, and cars, your skin is being dehydrated much faster and Skin Hydrating Masque is just the right fix to use two to three times a week. It has soothing cucumber and hyaluronic acid, which grabs moisture and holds onto it.

As you can see, with just a few adjustments to the routine, your skin can defy the elements!  Now who’s ready to curl up in front of a nice fire with a cup of hot cocoa?