5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you stressed out trying to decide what to be for Halloween? Then you realized that Halloween is Friday and now you’re really stressing out? Never fear, here are 5 quick and easy Halloween costumes you can pull from your own closet!

1. Rosie the Riveter 

Rosie is a classic Halloween costume that is easily recognized and insanely easy to complete. Grab your trusty denim shirt, jeans or black pants, a red bandanna and red lipstick and your costume is done. As easy as that!

2. Scarecrow 

Grab your flannel shirt and a straw hat and you’re on your way to being the cutest scarecrow at the party. Glam up your makeup and then add a few dashed lines here and there and your look is complete!

3. Cat 

Who doesn’t want to be a kitty cat?! This costume has proven itself for years and years, but don’t worry you can make it your own! Grab a black shirt and some leggings and jazz up your cat costume however you like! I love the idea of wearing some killer heels to finish off this look!

4. Where’s Waldo? 

Everyone will be looking for you in a cute Where’s Waldo costume! Put on a red and white stripped shirt. a red beanie and glasses and done!

5. Burglar 

Steal the show in your very own burglar costume! This look can be as glamorous or as low key as you’d like. Pull out the staples and then have fun creating your own mischievous burglar!

See you can be festive and fun with what’s in your closet! See any looks you’re going to try, let us know we’d love to see them!