5 Holiday Party Looks for Guys

Holiday parties – whether your companies Christmas party or your friend + family celebrations – may bring forth a few questions. Such as, who’s going to be there? Will their be food? Do I bring a gift? What should I wear?

Well, we can’t help you with what food to bring or whether or not you should bring a gift, we can however give you some fashion advice.

Here are 5 looks that will look great at any of your holiday celebrations.

1. Formal 
Formal doesn’t necessarily mean a tux, you can’t go wrong with a good suit. Feel free to make it your own by accessorizing with a tie you love. Check out these unspoken suit rules to help you when deciding which suit is for you.  (Image via: Dolce Mag)

2. Creative Formal
Creative formal, it’s a thing. This is a fun way to fit the dress code of your party, but really let your personality show. (Image Via: He Spoke Style)

3. Semi-Formal
Semi-formal is a pretty common holiday party dress code that you can have a ton of fun dressing for! You can opt for a nice holiday-esque sweater under a fitted blazer (like the look above), a nice fitted button down with slacks and a blazer, or toss the blazer and grab a tie! (Image via: He Spoke Style)

4. Casual
Pair your favorite pair of khakis with a nice button down and blazer for a polished, casual look. (Image via: Back Down South)

5. Causal (with Jeans) 
Are you more of a jeans guy? It’s cool. Some dude just feel comfortable in a nice pair of jeans, and thanks okay! Pair your jean with a more formal top and you are ready for your holiday party! (Image via: Back Down South)

Hopefully these looks provide a little inspiration as you decide what to wear to your holiday parties!

ps. Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered. Check out our previous post for 5 Holiday Party Looks. 

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