6 Ways to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

The first day of September is a week away and that means fall is on its way, but no need to stow away your fav summer staples just yet!  Many summer items transition flawlessly into fall with just a few little tweaks.

1. Add Tights

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Adding tights under a sundress or your favorite pair of shorts is a cute and easy way to transition from summer to fall. Experiment with brightly colored and neutral tights. See how they look in opaque, sheer or even patterned.

2. Break out the scarves

Photo: Three Bird Nest

A scarf is a great way to accessorize and add warmth to any outfit without having to change too much.

3. Invest in fun cardigans and jackets.

Photo: Twist Me Pretty

No need to get rid of your tank tops or sleeveless shirts, add a cardigan or jacket for a polished fall look that won’t be too hot.  This look can easily transition from day to night, too! Going out for drinks? Take of your cardi and you’re ready for a night on the town.

4. Boots!

Photo: Stylishly Me

Trade in your flats for boots. Whether you prefer ankle length or knee-high, heel or no heel, boots instantly make your look appear more fall appropriate while providing warmth for your feet.

5. Socks and sandals, it’s totally allowed.

Photo: Elle

Okay, there are some rules though. Don’t try to rock your favorite flip flop or athletic sandal with dingy socks, but feel free to wear your favorite strappy sandal or wedges with tights or fun socks.

6. Layer, layer, layer.

Photo: WhoWhatWear

Layering is your best friend. Wear your favorite summer items with tights, a blazer and boots and you’re on your way to fall perfection.  If it’s especially chilly, add a scarf for a pop of color and warmth!

See, no need to fret! Many of your favorite summer pieces can make their way into fall flawlessly. All it takes is a little creativity!

What summer staples will you be transitioning into fall?