Get the Perfect Bow Bun in 4 Steps


Time is a precious thing, that no one has enough of – we get it – so quick + cute hairstyles are a necessity. Try a bow bun! It doesn’t get much cuter + you can complete this look in under ten minutes!

Step 1: Pull your hair into a high, loopy bun. Be sure to leave the ends out.
Step 2: Divide your bun into two equal parts + pin the sides down.
Step 3: Pull your loose ends over the middle part of your bun.
Step 4: Pin the loose ends down until secure, hiding the bobby pins in your hair, + finish with a strong hold hairspray. We used Clary Stay.

So easy right? You get a cute + polished look in under ten minutes, that everyone will love. Have you tried a bow bun? Would you? Let us know if you give it a shot, we’d love to see your beautiful bows!

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