A 10 minute 2-fer

By Laura Gordon

Here is a simple technique that doesn’t take long to learn that gives you immediate and healthful results.
Our skin (the Integumentary System) is our largest organ, and, typically, to keep it clean we bathe with soap and water. Dry brushing prior to showering will reap you benefits beyond clean skin. The major benefits (The 2-fer) are exfoliation and detoxification.
Our skin is constantly sloughing off dead cells. Dry brushing increases the elimination of those dead cells. This anti-aging technique helps regenerate new skin while at the same time stimulates blood circulation. By gently brushing the skin you will also stimulate the lymphatic system which is our body’s defense system filtering out bacteria and other pathogens for elimination. In addition you will be stimulating both the sweat and sebaceous glands, a factor in restoring moist, supple skin. Proponents of dry brushing state other benefits include reduction of cellulite, improvement of body tone.
First let’s look at the tool you would want to use. Here are two pictures for you to consider. You’ll note the brushes have natural bristles. They should be firm bristles but not stiff. One set of brushes have handles while the other is hand held. You can use both kinds for this technique, but, if you only want to get one, I recommend the long handled brush because you’ll want to use it on your back, hard to reach with just a hand held brush. You can find these brushes in specialty bath stores as well as discount stores. Your pocketbook is your guide on this matter.
The technique is simple and effective and only takes 10 minutes:
• Brushing both anterior and posterior sides of the body use gentle strokes and begin at the feet. With one way stokes work up the legs toward the pelvic area. Be sure to gently brush in the inguinal area (medial area where the upper leg attaches to the pelvis) where there are clusters of lymph nodes.
• Next brush the arms starting at the fingers and again with one way strokes brush toward the heart. Again be sure to gently stroke the axillary area (around the arm pit) where there is another cluster of lymph nodes.
• Working on the torso, brush in clockwise circular motion between the base of the ribs and the lower portion of the abdominal wall. At the décolleté (upper chest) brush toward the heart.
• On the back work down from the shoulders and up from the hips.
Review the body map to the right for additional guidance.

Do this 10 minute routine daily just before taking a shower for radiant, healthy skin.
Here’s your assignment: Over the next two days give yourself a dry brush treatment before you shower and report your results in Comments.

Note: If you do not have a natural bristle brush available and cannot obtain one you can substitute it with a rough wash cloth or a loofah.

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