A 10 minute 2-fer

By Laura Gordon

Here is a simple technique that doesn’t take long to learn that gives you immediate and healthful results.
Our skin (the Integumentary System) is our largest organ, and, typically, to keep it clean we bathe with soap and water. Dry brushing prior to showering will reap you benefits beyond clean skin. The major benefits (The 2-fer) are exfoliation and detoxification.
Our skin is constantly sloughing off dead cells. Dry brushing increases the elimination of those dead cells. This anti-aging technique helps regenerate new skin while at the same time stimulates blood circulation. By gently brushing the skin you will also stimulate the lymphatic system which is our body’s defense system filtering out bacteria and other pathogens for elimination. In addition you will be stimulating both the sweat and sebaceous glands, a factor in restoring moist, supple skin. Proponents of dry brushing state other benefits include reduction of cellulite, improvement of body tone.
First let’s look at the tool you would want to use. Here are two pictures for you to consider. You’ll note the brushes have natural bristles. They should be firm bristles but not stiff. One set of brushes have handles while the other is hand held. You can use both kinds for this technique, but, if you only want to get one, I recommend the long handled brush because you’ll want to use it on your back, hard to reach with just a hand held brush. You can find these brushes in specialty bath stores as well as discount stores. Your pocketbook is your guide on this matter.
The technique is simple and effective and only takes 10 minutes:
• Brushing both anterior and posterior sides of the body use gentle strokes and begin at the feet. With one way stokes work up the legs toward the pelvic area. Be sure to gently brush in the inguinal area (medial area where the upper leg attaches to the pelvis) where there are clusters of lymph nodes.
• Next brush the arms starting at the fingers and again with one way strokes brush toward the heart. Again be sure to gently stroke the axillary area (around the arm pit) where there is another cluster of lymph nodes.
• Working on the torso, brush in clockwise circular motion between the base of the ribs and the lower portion of the abdominal wall. At the décolleté (upper chest) brush toward the heart.
• On the back work down from the shoulders and up from the hips.
Review the body map to the right for additional guidance.

Do this 10 minute routine daily just before taking a shower for radiant, healthy skin.
Here’s your assignment: Over the next two days give yourself a dry brush treatment before you shower and report your results in Comments.

Note: If you do not have a natural bristle brush available and cannot obtain one you can substitute it with a rough wash cloth or a loofah.

27 thoughts on “A 10 minute 2-fer”

  1. This to me is very interesting concept and I myself have already been doing this on a daily because it makes your body feel great after a shower you not only see the radiance but you feel it as well. My feelings on this is just as a facial when we go into getting a facial we use an exfoliating cream to remove all the dead cells and give way to new skin cells that glow once done with the facial process. Just as in brushing away the skin cells before showering and then rejuvenating the new cells in the shower to make a beautiful glowing skin when done. I would recommend this technique to anyone looking for that extra “shine” they are wanting to add to their skin.

  2. Thanks Laura,

    I do incorporate dry brushing as part of my daily hygiene, however, I hadn’t considered its effect on the lymphatic system. I will change my routine to incorporate the techniques you suggest.

  3. I use a loofa to help exfoliate my skin, after a long hard day at work this definitely helps rid my body of the grease and dirt picked up along the way. Bodywash with exfoliating beads help as well.

  4. I have used the loofahs for years now, boy what a difference they do make, I am out in the sun so much that I really have the dead skin thing going on. I will be buying one of the natural brushes on the handle, I can’t wait. The results were a little pinker skin, more smooth, it takes in the lotions better and with the natural bristles it will be much better on the skin in the more sensitive places.

  5. I am a believer in this! It worked especially good when we did the aromatherapy wraps! I had more time to do this per week. It really makes ur skin soft and moisturized

  6. I have been doing the dry brush application since we did spa week and it is increditable the difference in the appearance of my skin, in addition to the other benefits, again it is just taking a few minutes per day for yourself that makes a huge difference!

  7. To be honest I have never thought of dry brushing before my shower. I have really dry skin and am excited to go buy and brush and make this part of my daily routine. Thanks

  8. I have used dry brushes on my skin for all long time, they make my skin young and healthy looking. I would like to add use good moisturizer also it is not just for our faces, our whole bodies need moisturizer especially this time of year.

  9. I use a loofah on during my shower, but honestly had no idea of any benefitsfrom using one. But now that I’ve read this Blog I will pass on the information to my family & friends.

  10. Dry brush? I have tried it and my skin is so sensitive it hurts me. I prefer using bath salts I make myself with coconut oil and natural mineral salts and some grapeseed oil and a little essensial oil mixed in. It makes my skin really soft and it seems like it is less dry that way. I hope it is a beneficial as dry brushing.

  11. think that this would be good to do to all of my clients. and i will defiantly use this on my self again. i think i will do this on my son next to see how he likes it.

  12. I have been using a loofah for this, and I’ve already noticed a difference in just a couple days. I have really dry skin and now I feel like the lotions I use are being taken in better.

  13. This is something I already practice. I have incredibly dry skin, so I have found that when I dry bursh and loufa wash it makes my skin less dry. I also notice that I am able to absorb moisturizers faster and my skin stays moist insead of just becoing dry again since my dry skin or dead skin cells are limited.

  14. I use a loofa in the shower because I have eczema on my arms, this didn’t really seem to work for me, it made my skin a little more irritated than normal, but everyone is different.

  15. I have been using loofah for years. I have extremely dry skin an a dermatologist suggested it years ago. I look forward to this part of my morning routine. It is soothing and I believe very beneficial. My dry skin has improved over the years.

  16. I haven’t ever done anything to my skin before I take a shower. Dry brushing the skin before you clean it makes a lot of sense. My skin did feel softer when we dry brushed right before we did the body wraps. I will have to buy myself a dry brush!

  17. I’ve used a handle brush with pretty intense bristles on it in the shower but never heard of the dry brush technique and I was wondering if there was a big difference, I’m like BreAnna, I’ve always exfoiliated in the shower and can always see a major difference in the ways the lotions feel on my skin after, it’s like they absorb better, and I had always heard that if you put lotion on or perfume your skin absorbed it easier right out of the shower? I’m not sure how true that is either, so I always use lotions after I shave for that silky smooth feeling not to sound like a cheesy girly commercial.

  18. I have been using Loofah’s for about ten years and it is great. The only place I can not use the loofah is on my face, I am too sensitive on my face. Go figure, thats where I havemost of my dry skin now. I have noticed as I have gotten older my skin is not what it used to be like, especially my face. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have noticed that I can not use alot of lotions becasue to much alcohol content and it dries my face out even more. But the reset of me is good!

  19. I have been using Loofah’s for about ten years and it is great. The only place I can not use the loofah is on my face, I am too sensitive on my face. Go figure, thats where I havemost of my dry skin now. I have noticed as I have gotten older my skin is not what it used to be like, especially my face. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have noticed that I can not use alot of lotions becasue to much alcohol content and it dries my face out even more.

  20. I have used brushes and loofah’s off and on for years.I never thought much about the true benefit of this practice. I was aware of the exfoliation. Read and learn,look out lymphatic system here I come.

  21. I’ve been using a loofah while in the shower, but I never thought about doing any thing before the shower. I’m going to start using the brush before my shower.

  22. The dry brush is a fabulous, refreshing way to get the best out of my skin. I had completely forgotten about dry brushing, found my brush and I have to say it is well worth the ten minutes for all the benefits. I like the sensation of circulation afterwords.

  23. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. For those of you who are just now trying it, keep it up! For those of you who have been doing it for a while, keep it up!! The benefits for all of you will continue to benefit you inside and out!

  24. Tried this and I really did make a difference. I have used a sponge for years in the shower but never before. Thanks for the great tip.

  25. I thought drag racing was great, it is the best way so far I have found to remove dead skin cells from the bottom of my feet. And a sensation and use is wonderful. And I think this would be great technique to use on clients.