Bring on the Magic!

By Laura Gordon

As a massage therapist, what is the very first thing you do engage your client?
If you said “I extend my hand to shake theirs”, or “I say Hello”, you’d be one step away from being right.

 The very first thing to do when you greet a client is SMILE!

Smiles are magic! Not only will a smile give your client a subliminal message that you are glad to see them (which is the first step toward establishing trust in you), it also changes you! When you smile you are setting aside your own personal concerns and brain chatter to extend a welcome greeting to that person in front of you. It brings you into the present moment, which is the only moment we really have!

Did you know that the simple act of smiling changes your body chemistry? It does! When you smile your body releases endorphins into the blood stream and lifts up your spirits. It does the same for the one receiving your smile. And doesn’t it feel good when you get that smile back!

Like my yoga teacher says, “You can’t hurt yourself if you smile.” Personally, I think she is referring to getting in and out of challenging poses, but I can clearly see how that applies to a much broader landscape!

 Your challenge is to bring on the magic! Smile the first thing in the morning before getting out of bed (to add a bonus, be thankful and grateful for the day ahead), then smile at everyone you meet that day – even the one in the mirror! That’s a lot of smiling, and a lot of endorphins – talk about a natural high! Besides those smiles keeping you in the ever present moment, it is also a great exercise in stepping outside of yourself and giving something to others.  

To continue the challenge, the last thing before going to sleep at night is, you got it, smile, acknowledge the good, and be thankful and grateful. What a terrific day! If you did this challenge for 21 days, your cheek muscles would be nice and strong, smiling all the time would be a habit, you’d feel great, and you’d be spreading the magic everywhere you go!




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