Classic Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Do you have a holiday party coming up? Our company Christmas party is next weekend, and I’m so excited! (!!!) I have my dress and shoes all picked out and ready to go. Then I realized – I have no idea how to glam up my makeup routine, and lets be real holiday parties are all about glam.

Lucky for me I work with a ton of really talented makeup artists and makeup artistry students and they agreed to show me how to complete a classic holiday look!

1. Apply your primer and foundation. You can use the same primer for your face and your eyes, to help your foundation and eye shadow stay.
2. Highlight and contour! Follow the guide above and you’re golden.
3. Apply your eye shadow. For this look we used two muted tones to create a subtle smokey eye. Pro Tip: When applying eye shadow into your crease, press the shadow in as opposed to rubbing it. This helps the shadow stay longer and is nicer to your delicate eyelids.
4. Eyeliner. A classic makeup look is all about the eyeliner. Create the perfect winged eyeliner by creating a small triangle at the corner of your eye. The bottom of the triangle should line up to your lash line. This will be your “wing”. Follow the top of the triangle down across your lash line, creating the thickness of your eyeliner. Fill in your line.
5. Create a bold brow filling in any lighter spots with a brow pencil, following the natural shape of your brow.
6. Apply mascara to your top lashes only. This helps achieve a classic look. We used a mascara primer and then two coats of mascara to add fullness and definition.
7. Now that your eyes are complete (unless you’re applying false eyelashes, don’t worry, we show you that below.), you can move to your lips. Staying with the classic look, we chose a red lip. To help your lipstick stay, apply lip liner of a similar shade to your entire lip.
8. Once your lip liner is applied, apply your lipstick. Finish off with a gloss for a more glamorous look.
If you’re opting out of false eyelashes, you’re done! If you are planning on applying false eyelash tabs like we did, or you’re just curious, read on!
We called in Makeup Artistry student, Cat (who’s a pro at applying false eyelashes), to apply a few eyelash tabs to increase the drama of our look.
 9. Cat set up and placed the eyelashes on her hand varied by length. To apply lash tabs like these, you dip the end of the lash into hair glue and begin lining them along your natural lash line. Place the longest eyelashes on the outer corner of your eye and work your way towards the inner corner, decreasing lash size. These lashes should last about three days, as long as you are mindful when washing your face.
How beautiful is this look?! I can’t wait to give it a try! Huge thanks to Makeup Artistry Instructor, Karma and Makeup Artistry student, Cat for showing me how to achieve this look!

Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!