Come back! PLEASE! Come back!

By Angela Adams

We all know that one massage therapist who is always booked and always has repeat clients. Sometimes we look on in envy wondering “what makes that person better than me?” or “why can’t I get repeat clients like they can?” Well, for starters they aren’t “better” than you they just know how to sell themselves; they know the right things to say and do at the precise moment they should be said and done. Achieving repeat clients takes two basic things: customer service and communication.

The following are pointers and ideas to help you get those repeat clients and keep them.

Create a better experience for the client. (We should all be doing this anyway, but sometimes we forget.) It is very important to check with your clients about things such as bolsters, room temp, music preference, adjusting the head rest, pressure, and what they want from the massage. When they are telling you these things be sure and listen. You want to build a relationship with these clients. That doesn’t mean pry into their personal lives, but rather prove to them that you really care about their wants and needs.

Give them a reason to keep coming. The most blunt and typically effective way to get your client to rebook with you is by encouraging them to book a follow up appointment before they ever leave. If it’s possible using some sort of incentive helps too. Like giving them 10% off their next massage or giving them a card for a free add on.

Make sure to FOLLOW UP. Whether you realize it or not, you are in the sales business! The only difference is you are selling yourself and your expertise rather than a product. Thank-you emails are a great way to re-engage your clients. Sending a quick note can offer another chance to be helpful and remind clients of your massage services and their experience. Make sure to include your contact information for easy rebooking and social media links so they can stay connected.

 Remember, if you don’t have confidence in yourself your client will see that. You can do this! You are a good therapist! Now go out and get those repeat clients; and make sure to let us know how it goes!

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