Workspace Onceover

By Ross Ashcraft

Have you checked your workspace lately?  If you type or work at your desk with incorrect posture and positioning you are setting yourself up for pain and discomfort.  Take a look at the figure to the right and use the image to change your station to allow for a better working environment.  Consider this:  If we spend 8 – 10 hours a day in positions that contort and distort our bodies is it any wonder that it screams at us.

Back and neck pain are the second most common reasons people visit the doctor.  Many of the issues related to pain can be alleviated with a few simple changes to your posture and work environment.

Take a moment and evluate your posture even as you are reading this post.

1.  Are you slumped to the side?

2.  Are you leaning on one hip?

3.  Is your head at an angle?

Can you image sitting this way for even 5 minutes.  When we are working or studying we get so focused on the task we stay in these awkward positions for hours at a time.

Try these steps:

1.  Eyeball your work area.

2.  Does the monitor line up with your eyes?

3.  Do your arms rest at a 90 degree angle?

4.  Are your wrists straignt?

5.  Are you feet flat on the floor?

Are you trading momentary comfort for longer term discomformt, pain, and trauma

Please, write up the position you found yourself in as you read the post.  Adjust your position and tell us any change you feel occured.


174 thoughts on “Workspace Onceover”

  1. Of course, this all sounds great in theory. It’s a little harder to practice it. Short term it’s relatively easy; but I have a harder time maintaining the same position for long periods of time. I’m not capable of sitting the same way for hours on end no matter how much more correct it may be.

    1. I truly understand. Proper mechanics is hard for all of us. The trick is to try for as long as you can. Think of it as, your posture is in “training.” When you train for a marathon you shoot for the 26 miles but you don’t expect to make it the first day or maybe even the first month. The goal is to try. The longer you work at the habit the more often it will happen naturally.

      1. I have troubles with posture daily and can always use a reminder to sit straight. It is a great tool to use daily and will help you for sure have a healthier back and neck. My problem is I can’t sit still so it is harder to keep posture.

  2. I have worked for many jobs at the computer desk and my posture suffered badly due to bad chairs and bad computers. At home I have my computer setup to my tv to make it easy on me.

  3. This is an excellent outlook on the overal state of the body. Difficult tomaintain, but important for years up the road. Information provocates immediate application for a meaningful outcome.

  4. Ross, this is something I have seen over the past few years and while it is difficult to work on posture, I try my best. There have been improvements for me in the past few years, and unfortunately body mechanics don’t change overnight. Having said that, I still realize that no journey can ever start without taking the first step!

  5. I will be passing this on to a friend that is experiencing carpel tunnel and I want to help eliminate surgery for her. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom Ross!

  6. This blog was a good reminder for me. Since I’m a hairstylist I have to make sure that my posture is good. I have been slacking but I will keep my health in mind. Especially when I start practicing massage regularly, as a professional. Good info!

  7. It’s funny…. I read this blog just after having replaced the old office chair in front of my computer, so that I could be more comfortable and have better lower back support!

  8. Back in my secretary days, these were words to live by. I was very aware of my work space ergonomics. Unfortunately, now I use a laptop & I admit, my ergonomics are not the best. Fortunately, It’s not too often that I spend hours on the computer. At least now that the snow storm is behind us.

    However, correct body posture is something to pay attention to regardless whether your at a computer or studying for tests.

  9. Ok, so apparently I didn’t read the directions very well.
    I am going to clean off my desk and make it more user friendly to start! I have an adjustable office chair I will adjust to put my feet on the floor. I normally have the bad habit of sitting on my foot, which is bad for my back and hips.

  10. I never thought about how my posture would effect me. I never site at a desk when Im on my computer and Im on it for hours a day. I need to re-think what im doing to my body

  11. I don’t really have a work space currently, but since my accident my overall posture has come to my awareness much more often. I find if my posture is off at all, my back quickly lets me know how unhappy it is. I used to find it relaxing to slouch down in a chair, or cock my hip to one side when standing. Now it is very unpleasant. The thing I catch myself doing the most though is crossing my legs when I am sitting. I never thought my posture would be such a problem with my recovery from an accident.

  12. i should do this at home. my workspace is my bed so i have a back pellow propping me up. it honestly works pretty well unless i fall asleep becouse i wake up with a sore back.

  13. When I was working on computers all the time I always tried to be ergonomically correct, most of the time it was very difficult in the workspace provided. Now when I work on a computer it is generally set up properly.

  14. Ok I evaluated my workspace and the computer needs to be higher and the keyboard needs to be put under the desk and the chair really should just plain be replaced. When sitting anywhere I usally try to make sure that my body mechanics is what it needs to be but it is just so hard when there are so many lazy people accessories out there. But thank you for the information it is really going to be put to use on my mothers work space. I have worked on her for the last two weeks due to neck pain and I am about to forward this email to her RIGHT NOW!!!

  15. This is great info! Now I just have to remind myself to make sure I sit properly so I wont hurt myself. I will now pass this on to everyone I know who works in front of a computer!

  16. Current CSC office conditions:

    My concern is as follows:
    • Typing surface height needs to be 26”-27” off finish floor. Current typing height is 32”, there is at least a 5” discrepancy.
    • Desk height need to be 29”-30” off finish floor. Current desk height is 32”, 2” discrepancy.
    What does this mean for the human body?
    • Office chair can be raised causing the flat of the foot to not reach the floor, creating lower lumbar pain (over time, medical attention may be needed). The distance from the seat of the chair and floor should be 15”-18”
    • Office chair can remain at standard height, causing wrist to be arched. Carpal tunnel syndrome is likely over extended use in this position.

    1. Rebecca,
      Thanks for question.
      The main concern is getting your at a heighth that creats a 90 degree angle at your elbow that continues in straight line out to your wrist. Keeping this 90 degree will force some changes in the rest of the environment. The heighth of your chair is a concern and should be considered very important. Think of it less a measurment and more based on the length of your lower leg. However, due to the one size fits all of the modern workplace we do have to make more adjustment. For many this will required the added equipment of a stool so that your feet stay on a flat surface.

  17. Thanks Ross, hopefully my future will be less in front of a computer! My sister will be the recipient of this blog, she lives in front of her computer, literally! Actually less homework would alleviate the pain in my neck. 🙂

  18. I have worked with a work space that was at first all cluttered and just a wreck. But after moving items around and putting the monitor at eye level and my chair at the correct position for myself, it made life at work not as stressfull and more motivated.

  19. I was slumped, my head was to one side, my monitor is not at eye level, I guess I can blame the slumped back on this one.
    I turned my chair to the side so I had no back to me, this made me more aware of my sitting up straight and it was a challenge, I would go back to slumping after a few minutes. It is much easier to keep feet flat on the floor as well when the back is straight. The head being tilted is not quite as hard to correct so far. I an going to work on getting the monitor up to eye level, this computer desk is not the perfect match for this old computer.

  20. This is very useful information. My fiance and my sister work at a computer all day. He sometimes has his hands go numb I will have him check his work space and see what we can correct. Thanks for all the help.

  21. I found that I have horrible body mechanichs…I was sitting slouched down in a chair so that I become the same heigth as my monitor. When I adjusted a became more comfortable and my posture is a lot straighter. I always wonder half way through my homework why my back hurts so bad…now I know.

  22. My desk is set up correctly, however when I am uncomfortable I fidget a lot, and this means shifting my legs into different positions. I need to invest in a footrest. I need good back support, so the chair has to be replaced. Sitting properly feels better, and reduces muscle tension. I can always feel a twinge in my shoulder after I have been at the computer for awhile, so I may need to lower the keyboard too.

  23. As I examined my work area, I realized that I tend to cross my feet and pull them backwards underneath the chair. I also sit slouched because it hurts my back to sit up straight for to long. I think that maybe if I at least try to sit up straight for a few minutes a day then my body will adjust to it and it will make it easier to sit up straight in any situation, not just at the computer desk.

  24. I don’t work at a deck.But I have noticed my posture when I drive.I have the tendency to slump.I have been thinking about buying a wedge to set on. I’m thinking that will help me set taller.

  25. I have a habit of shifting to one side and arching my neck when I am studying or doing homework. I catch myself and correct it but I find myself right back. It’s a hard habit to break.

  26. Ok so everyone knows through takin any computer class the right position to sit in while on the computer to not have pain later on throughout your work day but how many of us really practice it? Me myself I catch myself slumped over or too close to the screen or even have my feet crossed intstead of flat on the floor. When I do notice I am having pain in my back or anything I quickly remember to use computer posture and of course everything seems to loosen up and all is perfect in the world again.

  27. When I gad a 9-5 job behind a desk, I did realize my posture was not good. But I try to practice all these techniques now, because of being back in school. And, I’ve realizes that all of this truly helps. I don’t ache as bad.

  28. I’m sitting on the couch, with my feet up, typing away on the laptop. Not the best body mechanic, but then again, I spend as little time on the computer as I possibly can. I do think I need a new couch, or maybe not. I shouldn’t spend much time on the couch either! No aches, no pains, now worries.

  29. My feet were on the floor, slightly apart. I was tilted to the right and I was slouching a little. When I changed my position to the correct one, I felt straighter and no discomfort. I always try to work on proper posture when using the computer, but it’s hard to break a habit.

  30. Im in lab with my back hunched and my ankels crossed under my chair. This gave me a visual of how our posture is suppose to look. It not only looks better Im sure it would make you feel better over the course of time.

  31. I actually have my office at work and home set up this way. I did find myself slumping over and getting all close. So I had my eyes checked, and got glasses. When I am home doing homework I, find my self rearanging my screen to that it is eye level. I will also sit cross leged in my office chair but will move screen and keyboard to a comfortable spot. If only we had these options at school.

  32. My laptop sits at eye level and my desk is at the right height, but I still have horrible posture. I blame it on my chair, its not very comfy. But I have noticed when I use better posture while sitting in class and while at my desk my back doesn’t hurt near as much.

  33. I’m sitting in a straight position, with my wrist on the keyboard, and shoulders in an slight upward position. I just changed positions. I’m noticing an immediate change.

  34. I’m sitting on my couch with my elbows on my knees. I’m leaning forward to be able to read my laptop which is on my coffee table and well below my eye level. I have terrible posture! I spend most of my day at work standing and I try to remind myself to stand up straight. But if I’m not thinking about it I will go back to slouching.

  35. I have noticed I slump over not just at the desk like all the time almost. I have practiced good posture throughout my day and noticed my back feels like its being stretched. I believe this will help me out if I can keep it up. I really do not want the hunch back. Thanks!

  36. My posture currently is laying on my stomach on my bed with my laptop in front of me. Horrible, I know. So I went to the kitchen table and I was uncomfortable in any kind of correct position. I am now back where I was before. Bad habits are hard to break.

  37. I am slouched to one side with my fist on my cheek, and my back is curved with my legs crossed. once I read this, I did everything that would help my posture. It feels weird, but I can get used to it, and not have to suffer anymore.

  38. Its nice to have a reminder of sitting posture. My monitor was stuck in an awkward angle so I got the WD40 after it and now I don’t have such a problem with the incorrect angle with my neck.

  39. this is definitely something i should work on. i dont have a very good workspace at Home and it affects my body significantly.

  40. i am typing this from my phone at home and on the edge of the bed my posture is some what straight with the exception of my head it is difficult to type with the phone at eye level though my back is straight it feels more tension because my arm is extended

  41. I don’t sit right!!! And yes it is to bad body mechanics. But it is so hard. I do catch myself sitting wrong and try to fix it but that just seems to make it worse. I get numbness in my legs a lot and when I start to hurt I move around a lot to ease that pain but it never seems to go away.

  42. I can sit perfectly but that would give me a headache. But I do change positions until I wear myself out and I sit up again. Is that bad or good?

    1. It’s normal. One of the most important things if having your monitor at correct height and your feet flat on the floor whenever possible.

  43. I found myself sitting fairly straight except for slumping my shoulders and bending my neck. It does feel much better to sit up more.

  44. Yes of course I was not in the correct form. I always slouch in the chair. my wrist rest on the table. And I always cross my legs. So I sat properly and I could tell it helped my shoulder pain and lower back pain. So thanks Ross!

  45. I’m usually slumped over, leaning on one hip, and my wrists bent. Not the best posture at all but the only times I am in front of a computer is here at school or a quick 30 minutes at home about 3 days out of the week. I’ll try my best to keep the correct posture in mind to avoid future damage, thank you!

  46. Gahh…I actually do most of my work on my bed. So I think I need to prop my laptop up on some pillows to be at the same level as my eyes.

  47. I was sitting exactly how I shouldn’t be sitting. Slumped over, chine resting on hand, head to the side, and I had my legs crossed. It does feel better to sit up straight, but I am honestly just too lazy at this moment =]

  48. I found myself hunched over and sitting on my right foot. my wrist are at the right angle . I really just need to work on my posture when sitting.

  49. I have horrible posture and body mechanics, but I can already tell a difference since I started the MT program that my body mechanics are slowly improving. It’s a slow transition but I do catch myself more so than before!

  50. Hmmmm… well I am sitting criss cross in this chair and totally slouched forward at an angle with my head rested in my palm. I am tall enough that these chairs in the lab cannot provide me with the proper allignment because the desk and chair just don’t line up. When I sit up straight it makes a huge difference but then my wrist come off the table.

  51. My desk is a bed with a this explains a lot. I will be setting up a home desk and use these great tips. I truly believe that this will help bunches with my daily pain..

  52. I was sitting with terrible posture. My back was slumped and I was leaning to the side with my head rested on my left hand. My knees were bent and tucked under my chair. It sounds uncomfortable but it was pretty comfortable. But when i try to sit up straight my lower back hurts. It did make my neck feel better though.

  53. I dont do much sitting during the day but I try to use proper posture when im walking, it’s really hard to remember to keep your shoulders back without looking ridiculous. Hopefully it will get easier with practice.

  54. I use correct posture at my desk even though I lean forward a lot when I really get into working. I walk with my lower back slightly out more and my shoulders pushed back from the curvature. I have noticed a lot more pain lately in my entire back that I will have to work on, even though I think it is just from the change of wearing lazy shoes for class and sitting twice as long now everyday.

  55. WOW! I have HORRIBLE body mechanics. The more I read the post the worse I felt about my body mechanics. lol As i read this blog, I sat in my computer chair, indian style, with my head rested on my hand. Needless to say I was overextending my wrist as well. I was also slouched over. Lets just say, I have a lot of work when it come to this problem but when i sit up with good posture, my back seems to bother me. 🙁

  56. I am slumped down in my seat and I am looking up at the monitor, most of my weight on my left side with my feet on the bottom of the chair. My body mechanics are horrible right now but I did make the adjustments to straighten my back and adjust the rest of my body.I know that I really use bed mechanics when I use my laptop because I lean on one shoulder, and stretch my neck in a weird position.

  57. As I was reading the blog, I was fixing myself to the right position. It is interesting how easy it is to be in the wrong position and not even notice, even when back i your mind you think you are doing what it is right. You know you are sitting wrong when you say ouch when you get up. I hope I will be more careful from now on.

  58. I was leaning on my left side with my computer on a TV tray with my head titled to left side. Now that I noticed the way I was laying I could feel a little pain in my right hip (hhhuummm I wonder why that is?). So I sat up with my feet on the floor with my back straight and I left the computer on the TV tray and I could feel the pain in my right hip go away. I have to pay attention to my body more often.

  59. Lol was I a mess when I was reading this(and almost any time that I’m in my study/work area). Thankfully my eyesight and head are properly positioned but my back is hunched over with my arms about 120-160 degrees extended out. And once in a while I straighten myself out from leaning onto my left side slightly too much. Good blog as a reminder of what proper positioning could come to save in 8 or 20 so years.

  60. As I was reading the post, I found my head to be straight, but my arms aren’t at a 90 degree angle, one leg is bent on top of the computer, and the other on is flat on the floor. My knees are at about a 90 degree angle and my wrists are straight. With this desk, it’s difficult to put my arms at a 90 degree angle because the desk is too high, and if I raise the chair anymore, my knees wont be at 90 degrees. I find it hard to sit in one position for long hours, hence why I vary my sitting positions from Indian style, to straight, to reclining my legs on my speak under my desk, or sitting like I am now, with one leg bent onto the computer and the other straight. It does cause pain in my hips and knees, but I can’t sit in one position without fidgeting.

  61. Changing my sitting posture is very difficult for me because I have sat like this for so long. Not sure how I got into this habit but it is something I need to change and quickly. while reading I adjusted my posture and monitor so that it was correct and it feels very awkward for awhile it is something I am going to have to get used but its a price I am willing to pay to not have long lasting damage thanks again for a great blog!

  62. While reading this I was leaning to one hip with my legs crossed and my head tilted.
    I adjusted to sitting properly. I find that trying to sit the correct way really hurts my lower back, I have sciatic issues and putting my weight on that side is painful.
    I think if I was in front of a computer all day I would defiantly try this. But most of my day I’m standing.

  63. I consciously remember to at least relax my shoulders and position my head correctly, then usually I will end up leaning on my left hand. I have been moving a lot today while at the computer because I can no longer lean my head on my left hand. So, by the end of writing this I am sitting as close to correct as possible with no adjustable chair. 🙂

  64. So my posture was not anything to write home about. While my wrists were straight and my screen was at a good height, my screen was too far away, my posture was slumpedish and my feet were propped up on the computer unit under the desk. Proper back posture is probably the most difficult for me to maintain. Though I corrected it when I noticed / was reading the blog, I find myself quickly returning to a less straight position. It’s definitely good for me to increase awareness!

  65. I recently reconditioned my environment at work. Making sure my feet are flat on the floor all day assists me with hypertension issues. Some of my coworkers have been giving me a hard time lately due to my back pillow I now bring to work. I couldn’t imagine going to work without it, especially since our chairs at work don’t have the greatest lumbar support.

  66. I was slumped over leaning on my left hip with my left foot flipped over to the lateral side. WHAT A CHANGE I MADE IN A FEW MOVES. Adjusting my bifocals to set my head right to read the computer screen.

  67. I have been working on my posture since I started this class but I still slump a lot. I am so tall that the computers in the computer labs are not within my straight line of vision. I would have to stick some books underneath them to put them at my height. But I will continue to work on my posture 🙂 thanks for the reminder 🙂

  68. I am sitting slouched forward over the table propping my head up with one hand. I am putting more pressure on my left ischium. My left foot is pointed and propped up against the leg of the chair and my right foot is pointed with my toes on the floor under my chair. Once I straightened myself I felt alot taller. It was very different. I think it would be more comfortable if I had better lumbar support.

  69. After I started reading this blog I noticed I was slumped down (i hate it when people slump) so in order to save my neck and my shoulders I straightened up. If I stay too long in front of the computer my eyes start to see fuzzies and my head starts to hurt. so now I am sitting up straight but the key boards in the computer lab aren’t set correctly.. oh well . it’ll be ok.

  70. I slumped over reading. Sad to say my posture is horrible at the computer. One foot is forward the other foot is back. I will try from now on to work on that at school and at work!

  71. Haha! I was totally slumping with my head leaning on my hand while I was reading this! I felt a huge difference when I sat up straight. I couldn’t hold it for very long though. I’m already leaning back in my chair again! Good thing I don’t work in an office 😀

  72. I sit on one side, it’s comfortable until I get up. If I sit straight, I tend to hunch over to relieve the pressure in my lower back. ( All of it not good) Time to start doing something differently.

  73. well i dont have a desk at home so i often have the laptop in my lap while im laying in bed. i know that this is part of the problem with my neck and shoulders but for the time being i dont have a way to change this except for sitting up more which doesnt help with my neck position. im hoping to be able to afford a desk once im done with school so that i dont have to strain myself anymore.

  74. I am sitting, of course, incorrectly. I am sitting with my legs crossed on top of the computer tower. However, my wrist are not bent and I feel that my back is straight, maybe slightly curved. I will have to try to think more about my posture when I am sitting at the computer.

  75. When your work place is not adjusted to your body it can also cause your Ulnar Nerve to become damaged when stretching your arms out reaching for the key broad or mouse.

  76. I am always having someone tell me to stop shrugging my shoulders and stand up straight. But I try to do it without being told.

  77. when I am at work I am in perfect position except I stand all day at the computer. but when I am at school. I usually lean to my left side more. but when I am driving I lean to my right side. so I got a lot of correction to do

  78. I find that sitting with my legs crossed in my chair relieves back discomfort more than having them straight in front of me my wrists are straight and my eyes are facing the monitor

  79. While reading this post, I have the heals of my feet propped up on the legs to this wheely chair, my back is slouched, and my shoulders are hunched. I made the adjustments and I definitely feel more comfortable. I don’t feel too much pressure in any one area, like before when my legs felt a lot of pressure and my back ached. But these are hard habits to break. I try to be more conscious of my posture, but I find that I tend to slouch even more. It is an ongoing battle!! But eventually with repitition I have confidence my posture will improve, and therefore my posture-related aches and pains.

  80. I definitely analyzed my workplace and I know I need to make some changes to take better care of my body. I know that I need to improve my posture to take of my back and my neck.

  81. I’m not allowed to rearrange the work area at work. The monitor is way too low, the chair doesn’t adjust, and I’m stuck in the awkward position for 7-8 hours a day.

  82. I have my computer at home set up properly, it feels more comfy to have it that way. these computers at CCC SUCK because they are not set up properly!

  83. Well, my computer screen is lower than it should be, so I am looking down at it as I use my keyboard, and bending down more than I should. I have close to 9O degree angle, but I do have that pain between my shoulder blades after a few hours studying. I am so sharing this article with my friends who have office jobs.

  84. The computer that I have at home is set up at eye level. I really do not like it when the computer lower than your eye level and it is making me hunched over and slouched. It feels uncomfortable for my back and neck.

  85. This is kind of hard to do when you are always in front of another computer all the time. But I can see the major benefits to trying to adapt the best you can .

  86. My work area at home is a chaise lounge so I know my posture at home is a mess. But here at school, I tend to sit cross legged (bad), the chairs are too short so my knees are too high and my shoulders are elevated even as I type this. My posture has to do with some of the shoulder pain I have, I spend a lot of time leaning on my elbows, putting pressure on my shoulders. I can not really change much of my position as the chairs in the computer lab are too short and the backs are about to fall off, but if I put my feet flat on the ground instead of crossing them I find some relief in my hips.

  87. Its good to know that Ross actually reads and applies this stuff, I watching him sit at a computer right now and he looks exactly like the picture. Besides the long hair and the 3″ in heels!!
    It is easier to get a group to follow/ when you practice what u preach.

  88. I do not have a computer at home but here at school the monitor is too low may of the chairs don’t adjust so I’m at a loss lol

  89. My father has been whining at me for years to sit with proper posture to avoid back pain. As much as I believe this to be true, it is much easier said than done. We live in a world where the productivity and efficiency of being on the computer, are more important than the physical consequences that can potentially take a toll on our bodies. However, with practice it is completely possible to change poor habits.

  90. I often times catch myself with terrible posture while sitting at the computer! I’m going to try these out next time I’m in my actual “work space” at home. Awesome! I bet they will help.

  91. I was slumped forward and my the back of my feet were off the floor and my head was at an angle. My arms were not at a 90 degree angle. So from no on I will definitely be checking my posture!!

  92. When I was reading this I was leaning back with my feet propped up on a chair in front of me and I was looking down, hunched over, looking at my ipad. That would probably be another reason my shoulder, neck, and back hurt much of the time.

  93. As I was reading this post, I was leaning on my left elbow and leaning slightly to the left. I changed my position to sitting upright with my shoulders back and I noticed that I had some lower back pain probably because I was sitting in a bad position. Changing my position relieved some pain but it is very hard to practice daily! I’m so used to sitting in a position where I’m comfortable but I will definitely be more weary of my posture. 🙂

  94. When I am just reading something I have bad posture. However when I type, in order to be more efficient, I have great posture. I will have to be more conscious of how my body mechanics are when I read.

  95. I found myself leaning forward with my feet on the legs of the chair. I was comfortable till I got done reading the blog. Now I am up straight, feet on the floor and now ready to do good posture.

  96. I found myself with my legs crossed, my left hand holding my head up and my seat too low. When I changed it, it was not comfortable to me. I’m just glad my everyday job isn’t sitting at a computer.

  97. My work station is standing up but while in a patients room, Its a 20sec moment of bending at the back with legs and arms locked. 20sec may not be so bad but if you do about 70 times per full time weekly shift for 2 yrs, you will eventually be effected.

  98. I was totally thinking “crud” as i looked at that picture and the title of this blog. I hunch over all the time at the computer, its way too low, my chair isn’t straight, my wrists are bent, feet are bent sidways or on legs up on the chair… this technique definitely does a wonder on you. And reading this, next time i get a new computer desk ill keep this article in mind

  99. Keeping your back straight will help with improving your posture and will help with keeping your body from being in as much pain.

  100. I remember this from middle school and as hard as it is to maintain that posture for hours on end at first, you will feel better once you get used to it.

  101. I get headaches a lot when I sit at a computer for even a short period of time. I bet this has something to do with it, I tend to slump..

  102. I will make sure to keep this in mind if I ever have to sit at a work station all day long but with the field i am in I don’t think It will be useful for me, but I sure will make copies of this blog to give to clients and friends who could make great use of this

  103. This is one of the many reasons I decided to become an Esthetician-massage therapist because I cant stand sitting in a seat at a computer all day! Most all of my clients with desk jobs come in with neck and back problems and I explain all of this in detail to them and remind them to push back from their desk at least once an hour and roll their shoulders back and push head back and take some deep breaths. or take a break and get up and walk around and get some fresh air. At least pushing away from the desk is an easy thing to do and will remind them to breathe!

  104. I was sitting hunched over with my head resting on my fist. After reading the adjustment steps I quickly fixed my posture and my desk to proper form. I think people just get tired and don’t always pay attention to their posture. It is much more comfortable to sit up properly to use the back of the chair for support and not lean over the desk.

  105. my posture definitely needed improvement. it amazing how dropping the shoulders and straightening up a just a little can make a big difference.

  106. I find myself sitting at my dining room table with I-pad in lap with my head hanging down and back slumped. It does feel better to raise my I-pad up to a better height and straighten my back and neck.

  107. My posture was really bad. I was slumped to one side on my hip with my feet crosses under my chair and my neck tilted to one side. My arm was holding my head up while my other was across the table.

  108. My computer station at work is slightly awkward. The computer is on a bar height countertop and the chairs are so tall that my feet just dangle. I am on the phone quite often so I have the receiver on my shoulder with my head at an extreme tilt. I try to get up and stand at my computer frequently as this is sometimes more comfortable

  109. I have a habit of leaning to one died while sitting because I don’t like seating down for long periods of time. But I do feel the pains in my hip area from that , so I’ve been adjusting my sitting to have better posture and less strain on my body. This check list had me think more about how my sitting posture is.

  110. These are really good tips to remember. I have problems with my back and wish I had known about this when i worked behind a desk.

  111. I know I need an improvement on my posture, I always find my self sitting on one hip, or leaning on one side, it’s comfortable at first but I always have to change positions, I can never sit for long time in one position.

  112. My iPad is on the table and my shoulders slouched, with my head angled down to see my screen. One of my hands is propping up my head, while the other is chicken pecking the keyboard. It’s uncomfortable but it’s better than holding my iPad and straining my hand.

  113. I am embarrassed, I found myself slumping and leaning forward to read this blog, I sat up straight took my elbows off the table, now I see why my mom always told me not to do that, and put my feet flat on the floor. I feel better except my neck now hurts because the table on which my iPad sits is too low, will adjust in the future.

  114. I have been bad about my posture lately.

    I often am looking downward, putting strain on my neck, sternum, etc.

    I try to adjust often and take breaks and move around, but it always takes an active effort to remember to do so. The price is certainly worth the result.

  115. As I read this blog I realize that I am slumped over, resting my head on my hand that is being held up by my elbow on the desk. My upper back feels strained and tense and my neck is starting to stiffen. Posture has never been a strong point with me but when I catch myself having poor posture I always try to correct it. When I sit up strait and bring my ipad up to my face the discomfort in my back leaves imeadiatly.

  116. Well you know this is some interesting information but sadly i Dought that anyone really follows these rules or these guid lines even if it is common sense.

  117. I have a tendency to lean forward over my desk onto my forearms much too often. In fact, I just realized I’m doing it right now. I carry too much weight and stress up through my traps as well. I know posture can be a little change that makes a big difference. It’s just a really hard to kick old habits and start up new ones.

  118. I was leaning toward the side with my head tilted… Bad position I know but I didn’t notice til I read this. Good article!

  119. This is something I struggle with I have poor posture period so I always have pain in my back or my neck this will definantly help me and explains a lot

  120. I really wonder what percentage of people actually set at their desks in proper form. We have no idea what we are doing to our bodies.

  121. I literally did this in my office at work. I made a few adjustments. I hope to see some results from it.

  122. I have terrible posture, i never set at a chair with my feet flat on the ground. i always have my legs crossed in the chair. When I try to set right i just end up back in the way that is comfortable.

  123. i am really bad about leaning forward and slouching. Usually to one side while lazily leaning on one hand! Pitiful! I usually do catch it when i am sitting in an awful position because i’ve been exposed and worked around “proper” body mechanics, but i still catch myself slippin so this blog was a great and helpful reminder.

  124. The simplest things for our everyday life are the ones that can be hurting us if not [paying attention to out posture

  125. The simplest things for our everyday life are the ones that can be hurting us if not paying attention to out posture

  126. At times I find myself not sitting straight up but for the most part, I have pretty good posture. I thought of power posing to help someone who has a problem with posture. If you stand straight and sit correctly you can get it.

  127. I hate sitting at a computer all day, it always makes me sleepy. But i do know quite a few people who do this 8-10 hoours a day, 5 days a week. this is great info i will forward on to them!

  128. I know that I have bad posture at home, church, work, and school but sence reeding this blog I am going yo work on impoveroving it.

  129. I said yes to all those questions. I’m constantly slumped over which I know is bad for me but it is way more comfortable than sitting up straight at least in the moment. Sitting straight hurts my back been after I’ve gotten up so I gave up on trying to be straight and yes I’ll probably regret it later

  130. I was actually upright because my was was hurting. One ally I do not have the correct posture I should have but I am learning. I do however have to adjust my computer at home so that I do not look down at it.

  131. I had a few aches and pains in the elbow because of poor posture. I have fixed my work space and now my pains are gone.

  132. Oh wow I noticed I had horrible posture while reading this! I really need to make some changes. When I did make the changes it was a bit out of my comfort zone at first but now my posture feels how it should.

  133. While doing this blog I was sitting on one hip.. but in my defense the chair is uncomfortable in the school lab.
    But will check monitor at work.

  134. Wow, I definitely need to work on my posture! I was slumped to the side, leaning on one hip and had my head at an angle. Bad habits are hard to break!

  135. I was slouching and leaning on one hip and looking down to read this blog. I readjusted to sitting up straight and to read more forward. It took a pressure of my back and neck. Little change makes a big difference. :))

  136. Sitting up straight can be a problem for me depending on what I’m sitting on. Slouching can be comfortable sometimes but it’s not good for your body.

  137. I dont work long periods of time at a desk. but when i do i will take into consideration these steps.

  138. I often spend long periods of time at my desk typing. I try to keep good posture but find myself leaning or slumping over my desk after awhile. I try to take breaks in between to prevent any back or neck pain.

  139. Worked at a desk for years and luckily the companies cared enough for their employees to bring in a specialist to fix our desks and chairs to fit us properly and I still use it to this day. great blog.

  140. This is something I have seen over the past few years and while it is difficult to work on posture, I try my best. There have been improvements for me in the past few years, and unfortunately body mechanics don’t change overnight. Having said that, I still realize that no journey can ever start without taking the first step!

  141. I will be more aware of my posture and will help others also who are working at their desks.

  142. I sit as a desk all day! This was very informative. I will tell my coworkers about this. Good body mechanics are so important!V