Moor Mud, Please

By Jennifer Mattheson

Have you ever had a day where you feel tired, sluggish, maybe you even felt sick? You feel like a rainy day even when there are no clouds in the sky. Your body feels tired, and you have unexplained aches and pains everywhere. This could be because of a buildup of toxins in your body and inflammation of sore overused muscles. If this is the case you’ll want to try body muds!

Body muds can do many things for the skin and for the body. The nutrients in the mud can nourish your skin and make it look healthy and revitalized.  The natural acids tone, clarify, and soften the skin giving it a healthy glow. It also removes impurities in the pores, shrinking them to prevent clogs, and clears away pimples and blackheads. These benefits will be greatly appreciated by clients if you add this into your massage!  There are many types of body muds.  One of the most powerful is Moor mud.

Moor mud is derived from lakes where different types of plants and herbs have been decomposing for thousands of years. Its detoxifying properties are the strongest; it can pull the most toxins from your body. It has almost no clay, unlike other muds, and is made from natural grasses, flowers, and herbs that have decomposed. It is one of the most beneficial because it also has antibiotic and anti-aging properties.

To use this in your massage routine is simple. This will also add lots of profit to your massage because it is usually expensive and the application and clean-up is time consuming. All you have to do is address an area that is in pain and apply the mud using a brush or a plastic applicator. If the entire body is in pain start with the feet where most impurities settle. After either wash off with a wash cloth and continue the massage or have the client take a short bath.

We’d love to hear from you.  What is your favorite mud experience?  This includes mud pies 😉


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