Skin: What does it show us?

By Jennifer Hubbard
The skin is an incredible organ. It can go from a beautiful glow to an outbreak of blackheads and whiteheads in a matter of days. What causes this you might ask? Well, there could be all sorts of things that factor into the skin turning into a hot mess.

Breakouts can be caused from your menstrual cycle, hormones, stress, a change in makeup, the food that you are eating or weather conditions. One thing you don’t think about is your health. If you become sick your skin will become dull or breakout. If you have a toothache, you might have an outbreak of whiteheads start showing in your neck and chest.

Breakout Due to Toothache

These can turn into skin abscesses which can develop anywhere on the body. They occur when a bacterial infection causes pus to collect in the skin. Skin abscesses can develop under the surface of the skin (subcutaneous) or on the skin (cutaneous) and can drain naturally and disappear without any treatment.

Larger abscesses can be treated with antibiotics to clear the infection and surgery to drain away the pus. Without treatment, an abscess may continue to get larger and more painful until it eventually bursts.