Scar Be Gone!

By Erika Reeves and Ross Ashcraft

Do you have a scar that you do not like?

We all have a small scar here or there or maybe even a large surgical scar from a Cesarean section or a major surgery?  Would you like to lessen the appearance?  I personally have one from a tummy tuck that drives me bonkers.

Our skin is an absolutely amazing organ.  When the skin is damaged by a cut, burn, puncture or any other type of injury, it immediately begins protective action.  The body quickly starts forming a scab to protect the body from outside bacteria.  Scabs form within 3-4 days and should fall off within 10 days.  It is after the 10 day mark with the scab falling off that that it is important to start the techniques show below work.  Depending on the extent of the injury, our skin will be in repair mode for 3 months to a year.

There are two different types of scars.

Immature Scars are still painful, itchy and still usually red or bright pink.  This is the perfect time to start massage applications.

Mature Scars are usually between 3-18 months old and the scar tissue is no longer being produced.  Reducing this type of scar takes a lot more determination and time.


Cross-fiber friction: 

1)  Using two fingers, rub the scar in an up and down motion; and move in a perpendicular or crossways direction to the line of the scar.  This helps the collagen fibers to align properly.

2)  Continue for 5-10 minutes.

3)  Do this 2-3 times a day until you see improvement or it looks and feels like you desire it to look and feel.

Skin Rolling: 

1)  Using your fingers and thumbs, lightly pick up the skin above the scar and roll it between your fingers

2)  Continue this motion and roll through the scar tissue:  X Direction

3)  Change directions 90 degrees or perpendicular and repeat:  Y Direction

4)  Change directions again and move diagonal across the scar tissue:  Z Direction

5)  Do each direction for about a minute.  The skin and scar should change color to a darker red or pink color depending upon your skin type

6)  Try this 2-3 times a day until you see improvement, or the scar looks and feels like you desire.

It has taken a few weeks of doing this type of work and my scar tissue is breaking up!

Challenge:  Try these techniques on any scar and describe your experience.



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