Stressed? Try a Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage

By Shelley Cowley and Ross Ashcraft

Stress is America’s number one health problem.  It is a difficult physical ailment for professionals to deal with because its root is a mind/body problem.  Some stress increases productivity and performance but too much stress can have “distressing” effects on the body.  In this article I will explain the effects of stress turned distress on the body and how massage therapy can decrease distress itself and the negative physical effects it has on the body.

Some stress is good in situations in which one must perform and/or produce.  The nervousness one feels prior to an exam or a sporting event in which one is competing for example increases productivity and performance.  When normal stress turns to “distress” the effects on the body can be dangerous and severe including stomach ulcers, digestive problems, high blood pressure, insomnia and premature aging to name a few.  Stress is worsened with the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs – which many people turn to in stressful times.  “The Occupational

Swedish massage is an excellent treatment for stress.  During a typical massage session a relaxation massage therapists’ goal is to assist his or her stressed client into achieving total relaxation.  For the most part the calming maneuvers of the Swedish massage coupled with aromatherapy, dim lighting, and no talking will assist the client in finding a peaceful place from which to handle their next day. Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as declared stress a workplace hazard which causes American industry over 300 billion dollars annually.”

If a client has worked himself or herself into a state of stress that the relaxation massage therapist cannot help them with, they need to consider a strong approach.  I recommend a deep tissue or therapeutic massage.  This massage can push deep into the adhesion and the possible underlying trauma that may be holding the stress.  Deep Tissue Massage can assist in relieving the stress itself or the physical effects of the stress on the body.

In order to find a massage therapist who can help you or someone you care about assist with your stress, search online for reputable therapists in your city or contact a local massage therapy school for referrals.  Many times, appointments can be arranged through the local massage therapy school with students who must complete so many hours giving massages prior to being able to graduate.

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