…What Shall I Wear…

“…What Shall I Wear…”

By Sharon Truelove

In the workplace, whether as employee or self-employed, a dress code is used for maintaining a professional appearance. The more professional you appear, the more top-end client  you can attract. If you are not working for yourself, the type of setting will probably dictate what you wear…medical, spa, salon, hospital, ect.


In the medical setting, scrubs are common attire. They may even be supplied by the employer. Spa settings tend to dictate what color is worn, leaving more free choice of what you wear. Some clinics require that a shirt w/the company logo be worn. In private settings, of course, you may wear whatever you think is appropriate.

Listed here, are some helpful guidelines.

What NOT to wear:

Spaghetti straps

Tank tops


Open toed shoes

Oversized sweat pants and/or t-shirts

Clothes that are revealing in any way

What to consider:


Clothes that allow stretching & working from the core

Shoes that support

For women, especially large breasted, a good supportive bra is important

Going barefoot is not good on your back, but if you absolutely must go barefoot-

remember that your client will be able to see your feet through the face cradle

when prone—so, make sure you get regular pedicures

For men, dress casual pants w/a belt and polo is very common

Pockets are convenient on scrubs or aprons, but make sure you don’t “jingle” (loose

coins or other noisey items)

Many professional therapists have agreed  that the least successful attire were baggy sweats & t-shirts.

Take a minute and if you are really brave, tell us what  was the most inappropriate outfit you have seen anyone massage in…keep it clean! And please, WHY do you think it was inappropriate?

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