Treat Your Hands to their Own Special Spa Moment

By Laura Gordon

Do your hands ever get really tired after a day at the computer key board or some other repetitive activity? I know after a day giving massages to others if I do something special for my hands afterwards they get a real boost. Not only that, they feel a lot better, too!
So here’s what you can do:
Give yourself about a minute or two to massage a favorite hand cream or lotion into your hands.
Now, stoke the back of one hand with the thumb of the other hand, be sure to use firmly pressure, but not deep pressure, work between the metacarpals as you stoke toward the wrist release the pressure and glide back gently.
Second, press into the palm with your thumb while your fingers are holding the back of the hand. Cover the entire palm surface; include the wrist with this technique. Pay particular attention to massaging the base of the thumb.
Third, squeeze and twist each finger from base to tip pulling gently as you move toward the tip. At the tip press the finger pad. Lastly, hold the tip and stretch each finger into full extension, slowly bring each finger into a flexion and release.
Repeat the same procedure on the other hand.
End by squeezing the hands one at a time then shaking them out.
Aaah, much beter…

25 thoughts on “Treat Your Hands to their Own Special Spa Moment”

  1. I will try this daily. I still do the hand and wrist stretches you showed my class with Jill Duetscher. I do them before and after work.

  2. I like to massage my hands with mahanarayan oil and then put some heat on them. I have a corn bag warmer made especially for hands. The mahanarayan oil is warming and penetrates well. This little bit of love makes my paws happy.

  3. I do something similar to this exercise. The main difference is that I use the fingertips of the opposite hand to stroke down the other from the knuckles to the wrist. I like this one a lot!

  4. Not to sound unappreciative for this very good technique, but if my hands are that tired or sore the last thing that they want to do is massage. Now if someone else would perform these techniques that would be fabulous! Sometimes when my hands get very sore I like to take a ball, – like a bounce ball out of the machines for a quarter – and roll it around between my hands. Silly Putty works, too!

  5. Thank you for the tips. This one is a great one because we use our hands so much. I have been doing alot more self massage and it makes a big difference. Keeping the hands feeling good is very important.

  6. Thanks Laura – as well as being relaxing this is great at the moment because my hands are so dry with the weather.Will add all the extras into my usual hand moisturizing routine.

  7. I have been giving myself this hand massage since class has started and it is a great benefit especially since I use my hands at my job as a file maintenance clerk. It has done wonders and has kept my hands from being tense and sore. I really enjoy being able to benefit my money makers. Thanks 🙂

  8. I’m going to have to start doing this when I get stressed out at work. I felt more relaxed and a lot calmer, thank you!

  9. This was very helpful! I will use this a lot when my hands are stiff and need some attention. It felt very good to treat my hands to a little treat.

  10. Just reading this made me real better will try it for sure tonight. The art pink roses added just the right touch. Thanks Laura

  11. Thanks so much since starting massage class I have done this to myself and it felt awesome didnt realize it was a great self massage and homework item for clients!

  12. I have been trying to strengthen my hands lately and been getting cramps in them along the way. This massage makes it go away and gives my hands some relief. It is like I can feel the blood circulate better while I am doing it, feels great.

  13. I love this. I have used something similar to this since learning hand massage in alpha. My hands have never been very strong, so they get tired very easily. This makes a big difference in keeping me functional. Thank you.

  14. You knowe, I’m all about working my hands! I do this one at night when I’m relaxing & watching tv, right after my forearm excersizes.

  15. This is a very good technique for me to use. I use to do this all the time but I have slacked off so now I will start doing this again because my hands have been kinda sore. Thanks for reminding me about this!