What You Didn’t Know About Cosmetology (Or Hair)

What You Didn’t Know About Hair Health and Cosmetology

The cosmetology program at Clary Sage wants more for you than just good-looking hair, we want you to have healthy hair with the style that best fits the way you do life. Whether your tresses are long and flowy, or pixie short and stylish, we have the tips you need to maintain your mane.

When traveling, it’s hard to keep a regular hair routine in the midst of hotel nights, late night road trips, and crashing on couches. Don’t let traveling take its toll on your hair.   As you gear up for your next trip, consider these tips for keeping your hair in check next time you’re checking in for your flight.

  1. Always consider the climate of your destination. Check the humidity of your destination on your weather app before travelling. This will help you pack and prep accordingly with the perfect products to accommodate your hair from dry air or heavy humidity.
  2. Invest in a good dry shampoo. You never know when you may get delayed or miss a flight and be stranded! These come in travel sized bottles (check with your Clary Sage stylist to see what they recommend.)
    1. Bonus: Dry shampoo can also serve as volumizer. Spray wherever you want volume and massage into the root area.
  3. Keep your style simple while traveling. Try loose locks and an easy head wrap. Floppy hats and sea salt spritzers are perfect for an on-the-go look. A classy, simple braid or a sleek pony are quick, chic fixes if you’re sharing a bathroom with family this Thanksgiving.

Do you dream of long, flowy tresses that blow in the wind (much like Pocahontas) but just cannot seem to get your hair to grow out? Our very own staff from the Cosmetology program at Clary Sage give you the best tips to growing your hair into the dreamy mermaid-mane you’ve always wanted.

  1. Less chemicals, more trims. Pam M., Cosmetology Department Head, says: “The less chemical services — perms, colors, lighteners, relaxers — the better. Try and get regular trims, every few months to cut off any split ends. Split ends are like ribbons that you split, they just keep splitting all the way up the ribbon.”
  2. Avoid heat.  — Use little to no heat whenever possible. If heat has to be used, be sure to use a thermal protecting product. Sleeping with your hair on top of your head ensures less split ends, which stop hair from growing.
  3. Nutrition. Master Instructor, Stefanie G sates, “It is vital that we eat a nutritious diet.” She also echoes Pam and Shay about split ends, “…be sure to trim off any split ends. SPLIT ENDS CANNOT BE REPAIRED. Once you have a split end the hair continues to split UP the strand and breaks off.”

Split ends are your hair’s worst enemy. Keep your hair well-groomed and trim often (book an appointment at Clary Sage here) to avoid split ends from destroying your chances of having long luscious locks.

What products do you use? Comment below to share your product must-haves and share the love!

Become a Cosmetologist at Clary Sage College

If you want to gain more knowledge about hair care and styling, a career in cosmetology may be perfect for you- let Clary Sage take you there. We combine classroom theory with firsthand experience creating an atmosphere for students to be fully equipped as elite stylists.

Our staff is friendly, supportive, and ready to help you succeed in the world of beauty. Get started now!


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