6 Strand Braid in 6 Steps!

Our friends at Clary Sage College are back at it, and showing you how to master a 6 Strand Braid in 6 Steps! This is the perfect braid for those of you with long, thick hair, but will look lovely on all hair types. All you need is a brush and a rubber band.

Step 1. Section your hair into two sections. Take one section and split it into three subsections. Step 2. Create a basic three strand braid on your first subsection.

Step 3. Grab your unbraided section of hair and hold it beside your braid. Begin to create a second three strand braid along the side of your first. Step 4. After you make the first two knots of your basic braid, feed the center strand of your second braid through the edge of your first braid.

Step 5. Continue feeding the center strand of the braid through all the way down. Step 6. As you near the end of your braid, begin braiding the two braids together. Tie the end with a rubber band and you’re done!

This fun braid looks great the first and second day you wear it! Have you ever tried a six strand braid? Would you?

Happy braiding!

Credits // Author: Desaree LaShaun Photography: Destanee Sandsness