Pass the Salt – 4 Simple Uses for Epsom Salt.

Epsom salt’s name is actually a bit misleading.  It’s not a salt at all, but a mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium whose name sake is a bitter saline spring located in Surrey, England.

More than half of Americans have a magnesium deficiency leading to a number of health issues, but the science behind Magnesium is powerful and the uses are simple to implement into daily life. With its 325 enzymes magnesium regulates a number of bodily functions including reducing inflammation, assisting nerve and muscle health by allowing the body to absorb more calcium, preventing artery hardening and flushing toxins (such as heavy metals) from the body.  In compound form with sulfate it increases the effectiveness of insulin reducing the risk or severity of type 2 diabetes.

How do we transport the benefits from Epsom Salt into our bodies?  Absorption through the skin!   Here are a few easy ways to get your magnesium and sulfate doses:

1. Detox Bath

In a tub of warm, not too hot, water add a cup or two of epsom salt and let dissolve.  Soaking for 15 to 20 minutes causes your body to release toxins ridding you of that nasty migraine and other pesky ailments.  By regulating electrolytes the magnesium aids in restoring proper function to tired, sore muscles, nerves and enzymes However, if you have heart issues or high blood pressure be sure to speak to your doctor first before indulging.

2. Happy Feet

Soaking toes in a tub with half a cup of epsom salt and hot water three times a day treats toenail fungus, athletes foot and will cleanse your feet of unwanted odor.  It also will relieve the discomfort from a gout flare up.

3. Facial Scrub 

Mix your choice of olive oil or coconut oil with a tablespoon of epsom salt and exfoliate dead skin in the shower leaving your skin soft and smooth.  Dislodge blackheads with a mixture consisting of one teaspoon of epsom salt, three drops of iodine in half a cup of boiling water.  Apply over the face with a cotton ball once cooled.

4. Itch Relief 

Combine one tablespoon of epsom salt in half a cup of water and apply a compress to bug bites to put a stop to itchiness.  And for minor sunburns spritz the same dissolved ratio over the skin for relief.

Have you used Epsom salt for your own health and beauty?  Share your experience with Epsom Salt!

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