Polarity Therapy

By Laura Gordon

When pain and disease arises in the body the cause could be in the body’s energy field.  Polarity Therapy seeks to balance that energy.  The work is grounded in the therapist’s intention to assist in the each individual’s innate ability to heal using touch.  It offers balance to the individual through a comprehensive healing format that includes energy-based bodywork, diet, exercise and self-awareness. 

Polarity Therapy incorporates bodywork with light, medium and deep pressure, gentle rocking and stretching; exercises combining stretching posture, sound, breath and self-massage; nutrition, and verbal guidance based on Dr. Stone’s teachings of right thinking.

Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND developed Polarity Therapy over a 60 year medical career.  Dr Stone was not only influenced by Western medicine but also Eastern medicine and philosophy. The framework of the therapy is based on assisting the Human Energy Field to a state of balance. This Energy Field surrounds each individual. The outward manifestation when the field around a person is open and flowing is a state of robust health on all levels of being: body, mind and spirit.

There are three distinct areas of study in Polarity Therapy based on three layers of energy anatomy: 1. The Primary Energy focuses on the Ultra Sonic core of the body (cranium, spine and sacrum), 2. Three Principles incorporates the Feminine, Masculine and Etheric Principles, and 3. The Five Elements includes the five chakras of the body: throat, chest, solar plexus, abdomen and pelvic floor.

Though Dr. Stone passed away in 1981, his work lives on and training is available to any interested person through American Polarity Therapy Association (http://www.polaritytherapy.org/).


The following are three exercises Dr. Stone created for the Feminine, Masculine and Etheric Principles. Do each one as seen in the images and comment on which one you liked best and why.

The Pyramid Exercise: Feminine
Balances the 5 pointed star feminine. Grounds energy down through the legs into the feet, opens the neck, shoulders and the entire pelvic basin.





Wood Chopping Exercise: Masculine
Great for releasing anger when living in an area where you cannot scream and yell. Opens the diaphragm, grounds energy, moves the bi-polar energy and also the umbilical current from the navel out. Very grounding and balancing for the body.





Squatting Exercise: Etheric
Lines up all the bodies poles into one neutral position; the  lungs, the colon and the calves are all on one plane in squatting. Balances the fem, masculine, and etheric into one plane; allows you to go into your central core to be in that place of Truth, Balance, Understanding allowing you to deepen and contact that ultral sonic core. The final position is prayer hands to top of head, moving hands down, placing thumbs over ears, fore fingers (air) over the eyes, Mid (fire) under the nose; ring fingers (water) at the mouth; and the little finger (earth) on the chin. Hum to yourself to allow the sound reverberate into your ultra sonic core activating the etheric principle. Close with prayer hands.


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