Is It Time For A Tune-Up?

by Sharon Truelove

All matter vibrates.  In Tuning Fork or Vibrational medicine, less movement (vibration) indicates illness or imbalance. Tuning fork medicine may be used to tune up the human body in a way similar to how musical instruments are tuned.   By means of vibration, tuning forks can be used to reset the body’s energy system by accessing areas not easily gained in other ways.  Sound vibrations do not stop at the ear.  Like a ripple on water, tuning fork vibrations affect other structures as they travel through the body.

To illustrate the true power of vibration, please view the short video above.  It shows how a glass can be shattered using resonance.  Webster defines resonance as “a reinforcement of sound (as a musical tone) in a vibrating body or system caused by waves from another body vibrating at nearly the same rate”.  Resonance is different for every object.  The glass’s natural resonant frequency will cause it to vibrate and shatter. To find the resonance of the glass, ping the glass and listen to the sound.  Replicating the same tone will cause the glass to begin vibrating, add increasing volume.  Soon a level will be reached that the glass can no longer support and it will shatter.  Don’t try this yourself!!!

When our bodies become stressed by emotion, food, energy, lack of sleep, illness, ect, our energy flow becomes disrupted and blocked and we are unable to operate at optimum efficiency.  Tuning Fork or Vibrational medicine uses our body’s natural resonances to correct these imbalances.

Tuning Fork Method

It is believed that because our body is made up of nearly 75% water, the fork’s vibrations intensify the energy (amplify) rather than dissipate.  Tuning fork medicine is a safe and effective therapy that can be incorporated to compliment any treatment plan.  Each chakra in the body corresponds to a particular musical note (See Chart Below).  To use the tuning fork, strike it on a surface to produce vibration.  Hold it above the corresponding chakra (vital points of the body’s aura). The vibration of various musical notes produced by the tuning fork resonates with the specific chakras.

When tuning forks are used, the stored energy in the body and vibrational energy in the fork resonates and amplifies. Seven basic chakras represent the regulation of the flow of energy through our body’s energy system. Below is a simple chart listing the various elements of the chakras.

Go to the link above.  It has a picture with chakra symbols. Roll your mouse over the various symbols and listen to each chakra’s musical note.

Which note do you like the most?

Which note do you like the least?

Listen to the short video on the link above. It discusses traditional pronunciation of the word “chakra”. How do you pronounce “chakra”?



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