Is It Time For A Tune-Up?

by Sharon Truelove

All matter vibrates.  In Tuning Fork or Vibrational medicine, less movement (vibration) indicates illness or imbalance. Tuning fork medicine may be used to tune up the human body in a way similar to how musical instruments are tuned.   By means of vibration, tuning forks can be used to reset the body’s energy system by accessing areas not easily gained in other ways.  Sound vibrations do not stop at the ear.  Like a ripple on water, tuning fork vibrations affect other structures as they travel through the body.

To illustrate the true power of vibration, please view the short video above.  It shows how a glass can be shattered using resonance.  Webster defines resonance as “a reinforcement of sound (as a musical tone) in a vibrating body or system caused by waves from another body vibrating at nearly the same rate”.  Resonance is different for every object.  The glass’s natural resonant frequency will cause it to vibrate and shatter. To find the resonance of the glass, ping the glass and listen to the sound.  Replicating the same tone will cause the glass to begin vibrating, add increasing volume.  Soon a level will be reached that the glass can no longer support and it will shatter.  Don’t try this yourself!!!

When our bodies become stressed by emotion, food, energy, lack of sleep, illness, ect, our energy flow becomes disrupted and blocked and we are unable to operate at optimum efficiency.  Tuning Fork or Vibrational medicine uses our body’s natural resonances to correct these imbalances.

Tuning Fork Method

It is believed that because our body is made up of nearly 75% water, the fork’s vibrations intensify the energy (amplify) rather than dissipate.  Tuning fork medicine is a safe and effective therapy that can be incorporated to compliment any treatment plan.  Each chakra in the body corresponds to a particular musical note (See Chart Below).  To use the tuning fork, strike it on a surface to produce vibration.  Hold it above the corresponding chakra (vital points of the body’s aura). The vibration of various musical notes produced by the tuning fork resonates with the specific chakras.

When tuning forks are used, the stored energy in the body and vibrational energy in the fork resonates and amplifies. Seven basic chakras represent the regulation of the flow of energy through our body’s energy system. Below is a simple chart listing the various elements of the chakras.

Go to the link above.  It has a picture with chakra symbols. Roll your mouse over the various symbols and listen to each chakra’s musical note.

Which note do you like the most?

Which note do you like the least?

Listen to the short video on the link above. It discusses traditional pronunciation of the word “chakra”. How do you pronounce “chakra”?



108 thoughts on “Is It Time For A Tune-Up?”

  1. I like the note for the heart I like the way it sounds. My least favorite was the throat because I didn’t really hear anything which I guess is the point but I found this blog very interesting.

  2. I really enjoyed listening to all the notes for each Chakra. My favorite has to be the Sacral witch is the D note. My least favorite is the throat its just to bland and not appealing but I still enjoyed listening to them all. I have always pronounced Chakra the way it is spelled, Chuckra sounds to blunt but I do rather like Shakra I will try and fit it into conversations every now and then and see how it feel. Overall great article!

  3. It has never occurred to me how sound effects the body… I have known of vibration for years through my chiropractor using it to release tight muscles. After reading this article I realized sound also effects my body for a few years i have gone to clubs and my favorite place to stand is right in front of the base speakers. 🙂

  4. I clicked the link and it said access denied. lol…
    I remember doing this in alpha and I do remember I liked the letter A and E. I think it was B that I didnt like.

    I would like to hear them again, so maybe during my computer lab time, I can see if I still have issues opening up the link.

    This is most definitely a different sort of therapy.

  5. Sharon did a class on this and i liked it. It was interesting and not really sure about it. I want to learn more about this

  6. I would be interested in trying this or having this done to me. Although I don’t tend to like any kind of vibration therapy on myself. I would say yellow was my least favorite. Indigo was my favorite.

  7. Oh this is so cool!!! This one I am majorly interested in. Especially after you told me how it helped the coloring in your bruise on your toe go away.

  8. I think it’s really neat how the body has certain chakras which can be balanced by sound. I’ve never used Tuning Fork therapy or ever heard of it until now, so I don’t know much about it, but it seems really interesting. My favorite note would have to be F which is for the Heart because I’m a compassionate person. My least favorite would have to be G which is the throat because it just seems like it’d be unpleasant. I’m excited to learn more about this modality!

  9. This was a great article and the modality is one I’m very interested in learning more about. As far as the tones go, I really enjoyed them all and find it difficult to pick one. I’m a sucker for the underdog (several people said this was their least favorite…) and so I’ll pick the throat sound. I found it to be quite soothing. My least favorite would be the brow sound as it was a bit piercing for me. Thanks!!!

  10. the note i liked the most was the brow chakra, the one i liked the least i think was the solar plexus. having listened to the notes all repeatedly and for a few minutes each over all i now feel kind of odd. especially my brow chakra area. i wonder if this is the sensation one can feel from the amplification, and it hasnt dissipated yet even tho its been several minutes. i kind of like this feeling.

  11. I like this modality. I have always thought that music/sound can be used as a therapy. I find it hard to pick a note that I didn’t like. I will be looking more into this therapy. Oh, and I pronounce Chakra as “shockra”.

  12. This was very nice to watch the videos on my favorite note is F with out a doubt f was my favorite my least Favorite would have to be A I didn’t like the sound and the thought of someone putting something that close to my brown hurts me. Interesting I know but that is my conclusion

  13. I enjoyed this article. I love the show Myth busters so I enjoyed the glass breaking video. The note that I found resonated with me the most was F, the Heart note. That note really caught my interest and was the most enjoyable one for me.

  14. The notes I liked the most were the heart chakra and the soul chakra (the High C that we did in class). My least favorite was the root chakra. I am very interested in having the tuning forks used on me to see if the sounds I liked the best, and the one I didn’t like, would coincide with the vibrations I might feel.
    The pronunciation of chakra is chawk-ruh.

  15. This is something I’m very interested in. At some point I will get tuning forks because I believe that sound and music heals.

  16. My first week in Sharon’s class we went over the Chakra’s and I am thinking after she used them on me and after listening to the different notes of each one I like the Crown Chakra which was note B because I really felt a difference after it was used on me. The one I liked the least was the throat which was note G I don’t like my throat being messed with so it made me feel out of sorts.

  17. I had a tie for my favorite notes. The B of the Crown, A for the Brow, and D for the Sacral portion. My least favorite by far was the G for the throat as the sound was almost non existent. This is the type of therapy I was interested to study prior to even starting the class. I’m thrilled about the demonstration we’ll receive today to determine whether or not I actually want to continue further study of this subject.

  18. The sounds that really made me feel good were the top ones, the crown and the brow and after reading the chart, I could see why. Although the root, letter D has a lot to do with me. I guess we all made of all and one at the same time, coming from the same source.

  19. By the time I was done listening to all the notes I had a headache. I had to be sure. My favorite note was crown note. It was just very light. I did not like the throat, root or sacral they were to hard. I was pronouncing Chakra as shockra, but it sounds like chuckru or chulckru to me so which one is right? Really enjoyed Sharon’s lab on the tuning forks!

  20. I have a three way tie for my favorites: the Crown, the brow, and the sacral portion. My least favorite by far is the G for the throat its almost silent. I’m very interested in this type of therapy and was glad to be able to witness it first hand and its benefits.

  21. I tried clicking on the link at home and it wouldn’t let me on the website. I remember this in Sharons’ class but I don’t remember which one I liked the best I’m thinking the heart tone was nice and soothing. All of this was very interesting to me when we explored it in Sharons’ class.

  22. My favorite note was the heart note, note F, and my least favorite was the throat note, note G. I pronounce the word chakra with an sh sound for the ch. I am still very interested in trying tuning fork out to see what it can do for my well-being.

  23. I’ve had this demo twice by Sharon. I was not too sure the first time I seen it so the second time I volunteered. I couldn’t believe the way it worked. I liked the A and G. I would like to have it done again.

  24. Tuning massage sounds like so much fun I cannot wait to try it out on one of my classmates. I actually like the video. It was very interesting to watch. I am really excited to do tune massage.

  25. To be really honest, I find this very weird. I’m not really sure i would use this. I didn’t have a favorite sound. They all basically sounded the same to me. But that’s only my opinion. I’m sure others really find this interesting. I just don’t.

  26. I have to be honest and say that I really disliked the throat note. It really kind of set me on edge. But I loved the heart and sacral notes. Now that I know the correct way to say chakra (chukra) it is going to be hard to say it the old way, shakra. Although, I do realize that in oklahoma the latter pronunciation is probably the most common! I am excited to learn this modality this week, because I feel that music has such a profound influence on us as humans. It can literally affect our emotions, making us angry, or sad, or even cry. The fork-tuning modality definitely makes sense to be in this sense. The reference to vibration and resonance makes me think of the great big gongs that you see monks using in monasteries in the movies. Now I may have to do a little research and see if it actually had a function or if it just sounded cool.

  27. Aha! I was right! I looked up the significance of the use of gongs for meditation and it actually relates to the vibration and resonance theories. So, now I’ll tell you what I found!
    Some studies have found that the sound of harmonious gongs actually reduces the brains beta waves (when the brain is awake and working) and increases the theta waves (when the brain is ‘rambling/resting’). This article says that 30 mins of theta meditation is the equivalent of 3-5 hours of sleep. It also says that this modality reduces stress and blood pressure, and stimulates the immune system.
    Here’s the link to the article I found if anyone’s interested! (although you may have to copy and paste!)

  28. I am skeptic about the Tuning Massage but still interseted and excited to try it in class. Like liked the c and b tone the most and g the least.

  29. This is something that I don’t know a lot about but I am willing to learn more about. I am not sure what kind of impact I would have from it but I am willing to keep an open mind.

  30. I have sat in on a tuning demonstration before and it was really interesting. Before that I had never even heard of the therapy before. I cannot wait to see what kind of effects it has on me.

  31. I really liked Notes D and C on the website. The information I found with my results was pretty eye opening as well. This modality seems pretty interesting.

  32. Can’t wait to learn more about my Chakras! I most liked the heart tones; least liked the throat tone. Will be visiting some more websites to find out more about this topic.

  33. That was awesome! so I absolutely love note D and I can barely tolerate note E. I cannot wait to really get into this modality

  34. I watched my first tuning fork demonstration in class today. It was very interesting to see the technical side of the therapy. listening to the forks at different frequencies, and hearing the feed back from client. i don’t believe that this type of therapy is going to be something that my self personally would be interested in using. I would on the other hand would like to have a set of forks so that i could tune instruments.

  35. I really liked this modality and very much want to learn more about it. I could feel my body syncing with the vibration and it was amazing!

  36. Have yet to try it out myself. From what I had witnessed it looked as if it could make a client feel or give them the impression that they feel something.

  37. I think this is pretty neat. would actual let an professional try this on me just to see if there is actual difference.

  38. As a “recovering” music major, I found this extremely fascinating! I have had training in aural theory and am usually able to identify notes and whether a note is sharp or flat. It baffles me that I can combine my music knowledge and my new knowledge of massage.

  39. I haven’t tried this yet. I am very interested to see how it works in class. i do not have speakers on my computer so was not able to listen to the notes on the videos.

  40. One of the first couple of weeks of starting this program, I was down in the student lounge area, where I found a Massage magazine. In it, there was an article all about using vibrations and sound with massage to help “tune” the body. I thought that was fascinating!! I can’t wait to learn more about this this week as well!

  41. In school they taught us that everything can be in waves. And sound was the one thing that stuck out to me the most. I haven’t tried this or had it done to me but I really want to. Great article though

  42. I like the comparison with vibrations and glass. If an extreme vibration can do that to glass, I wonder what a vibration at half of the intensity may do to/for our body.

  43. I was not able to hear the notes on my computer, but I did hear them in class the other day. I am not sure how I feel about the tuning fork method. It would probably have to be performed on me, before I really knew exactly how it worked or if it worked.

  44. This is so cool to read about and I cant wait to try this. I wish there was a way to try this with other type of musical vibrations. I wonder if this will work with any type of musical vibration and not just with a tuning fork.

    1. The Tibetan singing bowls is another therapeutic approach to using musical vibrations. It is VERY cool!!!

  45. I am some what skeptical of this technique and how it works. But i am more than willing to give it a shot.

  46. Vibration wise, I liked A and B. Sound wise would be G. However, I do not feel any of the vibrations on my physical being. I felt the therapists presence of being there more with her hands.

  47. oh man, F the tuning fork. I have PTSD that’s usually caused by vertigo. I love playing instruments, and i love music. I however, do not wear headphones and it is not a good idea to stick a tuning fork to my ear. Im sure it is very helpful and harmonic, but i am one guy that does anything but benefit from this type of therapy

  48. I personally think that tuning fork therapy would be annoying. I wouldn’t like having all those noises in my ears. But others my really like that stuff.

  49. I didn’t like the brow sound or the throat sound at all. They were very unpleasant to me. I love the sacral sound, it’s my favorite. I really like the concept of tuning fork therapy and would love to experience it!

  50. Oh my gosh this is so cool! I’ve always been interested in the chakras and to know that they vibrate with a certain musical note is astounding :0. I can’t wait to try this one out. I’ve been feeling a little unbalanced lately. Maybe this would help 🙂

  51. I have heard of this before and how the sound waves move through our bodies, but I never considered the fact that is does it because our bodies are 70{dd4fd4792e0eb33cfcd896730531ad5ee27f408bd2ce28da7f8125f8188131a8} water. Simple enough I just never thought about it. I didn’t get to listen to the links because these computers don’t have speakers. I will as soon as I have access to a computer with speakers though.

  52. The good news is, Dantae, the tuning forks are placed around the body and NOT in the ear. Perhaps you’ll find it’s something new you can harmonize with : )

  53. I find this to be an interesting modality, music is important to life. I never thought of using tuning forks for this purpose, but I can see where it would help. I know a woman by the name of Julie True, who ministers to people through music she can tune into the frequencies of heaven, she is a christian she has had testimonies of people begin healed just listening to her music. I have listened and found her music to be very relaxing and worshipful. You can go on her website and listen to samples of her music,

  54. I have two notes that i liked and that was C & F and i would have to say my least fav was E… I also would like to have the tuning fork experience done on me

  55. I find this interesting and I would like to see how it is done and feel the vibrations from it in an area that is hurt just to feel what it is doing in that area.

  56. I haven’t gotten to try this yet but I can’t wait! It looks so interesting. I am excited to see how my body sounds how fun!

  57. I really enjoyed being the guinnea pig for this demonstration in class this morning. I have been extremely stressed out lately and notice an almost immediate calm wash over me after this therapy. the notes that resonated with me the most were the Solar Plexus and Third Eye (E and A respectively). I felt a weight settle over my abdomen and felt like I was sinking into the table. I felt lighter as soon as the tuning fork was removed. I closed my eyes during the Third eye chakra and the colors I saw behind my eyelids followed the movement of the tuning fork over my head. It was fascinating to me. I always looked at therapies suck as this as a “voodoo” but after a basic first hand experience, it is something I might be interested in learning more about and persuing.

  58. I didn’t get to experience how this therapy was, but I love the idea of focusing of rhythm and sound waves through the chakras. I would also like to learn this technique/

  59. I have never heard of this before but I’m interested to see what the demonstration will be like in class. It is weird to think that vibrations and sounds can “fix” our bodies.

  60. I practice a variation of sound vibrational therapy daily through chants that correlate with each chakra. I am so excited to learn more about tuning forks!!!

  61. I’m not sure I understand the theory behind this method. I would think a client would need to be aligned well in grosser areas before you could apply this technique?? Like one learns to use gross motor skills before fine motor skills?? Not sure if there is a correlation. I am thinking “fine tuning.” Wouldn’t one need to be in somewhat of a tuned position before being “fine tuned? ” Does this mean this therapy may have the best results on athletes? Or does this method work from inside out- starting next to the bone and working out from there?
    I cannot say I like one note better or worse than the other in regards to the corresponding chakras. I visualize the notes corresponding to notes on a piano. My husband plays guitar by ear, and he can’t really tell much difference between them. There might be more accentuated differences with the added flats and sharps which I would guess most people prefer sharps over flats. Who knows!
    I pronounce chakras with the “ch” sound and then “ah” sound similar to “chalk.”
    Again, I am looking forward to a Tuning Fork demonstration. I hope to walk away with a better understanding of this therapy.

  62. I haven’t really heard much about tuning fork therapy and what the actual affects have on someone other than what our books and this blog has said. I AM wanting to try this and see what this vibration therapy is all about so that I can possibly look more into it when i graduate for a CEU.

  63. Ok! I am really not sure how I feel about this one! I am a little confused about all the different colors and meanings. I will have to have more clarification on this subject. I do understand the part about how our bodies are 75{dd4fd4792e0eb33cfcd896730531ad5ee27f408bd2ce28da7f8125f8188131a8} water and that the vibration will help even out our bodies. I guess the part that I am confused about is how do I know where to start. I think part of my problem is that I am not at all a musical person. The sounds were all pleasant to me. I had no preference to any of them at all. I don’t understand how all of this works together. I am not at all closed minded, I am just going to need some clarification on this whole type of therapy!

  64. well as far as the tuning fork is medicine its kind of neat like I know I lack alot of sleep have alot of stress but Ive never heard of a tuning fork which makes it all the more funner and interesting to want to pursue. I want to try this in my career and I hope we get to do this in class I volunteer to be the guinea pig.

  65. An interesting concept, using sound vibration to permeate water molecules in the body at specific frequencies in an attempt to align associated energy flows in specific zones in the body (chakras).

    I suppose it may be a feasible method, but I do question the calibration of the tools and the assumed optimum frequencies used for each zone (Being that each body would be different to some degree).

    I suppose it is just sound, so it can’t hurt to try.

  66. This is something that I have had a long time interest in for a very long time. I once got to see a demonstration of singing bowls during a trip to a new age themed store when I was a teenager and found a great interest in how sound effects the body. I would like to experience this first hand and look into adding it to my repertoire of skills to use in my practice one day!

  67. I’m very excited and interested to learn about this technique. I would like to see how it works and if it really helps people. Looking forward to using this on my classmates.

  68. I really like this but have never seen it before this. It sounds very interesting and I would live to see it done or even have it dine to myself. I will be looking into this because I really enjoy and and befit from musical therapy so I would love to see what this could do for a person.

  69. I think this technique is amazing. I’m not actually sure on how to do it but just by reading the blog and others comments I can tell that it is a great exercise. I think it’s great what you can do with forks on the body with music notes. The course just excites me more and more everyday I can not wait until we go over this and I actually get to do it and have it done on me.

  70. You ever notice how the sound of a certain person’s voice resinates more positive than others? I’m curious to learn more about the specifics of tuning forks tomorrow. I never knew that the key notes heeled or brought into balance each system of body.

  71. I have never heard of the tuning for therapy before, never even thought that you can tune up a humans body. It amazing that just by going back to school you discover this world has so much more cool stuff than just massage therapy. This looks very interesting, but I don’t know if this will be something I’ll ever do. I would mind learning more about this though. Maybe after I know what it is and how it all works I’ll like it.

  72. Well i dont really know about tuning fork therapy never had it done to know if its truly any good or not but when i have it done i might like it

  73. That is awesome I did know a tuning fork could break class I guess because of the high sound waves.

  74. As as a musician I find this fascinating! Maybe certain chakras our involved with playing in certain keys? Imaginable opportunities to study music/well being therapy theories:)

  75. D, sacral, was my favorite sound, and G, throat, was my least favorite. I think it takes a very open minded person to believe in the power of vibrations, colors, sounds etc healing the body. It is a neat naturalistic thought that I would like to look in to more.

  76. I’ve never experienced tuning fork therapy so I’m not real sure how I’m going to feel about it. But I’m looking forward to the presentation on it.

  77. I had never even heard of tuning fork medicine before! This sounds amazing and I am really looking forward to trying it myself in the coming week.

  78. I am very excited about the tuning fork demonstrations we get to do in class. I think it’s very interesting how sound and vibration has such an effect on our bodies.

  79. This sounds very interesting, I will get a better concept about it if it is demonstrated in front of me. I am not sure I will be able to identify the different sounds as I have not had the opportunity to lean music so I may not have the correct note down for the right Chakra

  80. I can’t help but wonder how the weight/body fat content of someone affects this, or if a person is retaining fluids at the time. I look forward to learning the technique and taking notes.

  81. I’ve learned some things about chakras over the years but I’d never heard about them having corresponding sounds. I like the idea though. Sounds can invoke all kinds of reactions so them effecting the chakras makes a lot of sense.

  82. Music and sound have been proven to affect people profoundly. I have never heard of using a tuning fork on someone, I am very interested to see it done. I didn’t dislike any note really.

  83. I wasn’t able to view the link but while viewing this being demonstrated on a student in class today I was absolutely amazed by the different feelings she said she was feeling as a result of the different tuning forks doing their “magic”! The note that actually stood out to while Sharon did this on the student was High C. I don’t know why but for some reason it sent chills through me! Absolutely amazing!

  84. Tuning fork seems like a very strange yet interesting technique that I want to see performed and possibly have done to myself.

  85. I love music and have personally felt inspired by it spiritually and emotionally. I’m excited to learn more how it can influence us physically.

  86. I am a little skeptical of this whole idea. I am looking forward to trying it and seeing how and if it works.

  87. I don’t think I’ll be looking into this one anytime soon. Maybe if someone randomly did this to me and I liked it.