Retaining Clientele

By Tessa Brooks,

Looking for a way to get important information to your clients? Don’t want to use the same old things everyone else uses? Think outside the box!

Once you have a client come to you the biggest problem most people have is how to keep them coming back. Sure, a great massage makes a big difference, but it is only a small part of what you can do. Here are some great ideas:

Offer your client’s a comment card at the end of their massage.  First:  This will let them know you care enough to adapt your massage to their personal perfection.  Second:  On that card you can ask if it would be all right to follow-up with them.

Email: Email them a link to pertinent information after their first visit. Your client will appreciate having more ways to help themselves between visits. And it will give them a place to find out more information if you cannot be reached for a question.

Come up with ways to get their attention in the email by making a presentation with all of your information and sending them the link.*

Monthly Newsletters: These are a great way to keep them informed and updated.

They can be about:

  • Exciting news
  • Any events you have planned
  • Discounts/Promotions
  • New techniques
  • New modalities
  • New products
  • Up and coming dates you won’t be available

Handwritten Notes: Never underestimate the power of a well written “Thank You” note! This lets your client see that you cared enough to take the time to write them a personal thank you. It should contain things like:

  • Thank you
  • Hope all is well
  • I’m glad you came to see me
  • For your next appointment we will…
  • Sincerely
  • Your name, credentials, and contact information

**Make sure your handwriting is legible and all of your words are spelled correctly. Write it out on the computer first for spell check if needed.

Text or Email: With your clients prior written and signed permission, you can contact them via cell phone. A quick call or text inquiring how they are the day after a massage is an easy way to let them know you care. It also gives you an opportunity to set up another appointment if they needed time to think about it after their massage!

So, what’s the big IDEA?

I: Individuality: Make your client feel like they are more than just another client to you, individualize your communication with them

D: Development: Develop a working plan with them that gets them where they want to be, listen to them and come up with realistic goals

E: Expectations: Strive to not only meet but exceed their expectations by taking a little time to find out more about them

A: Access: Give them access to any and all information they may need to help them along their massage journey with you

Always remember that bringing people in the door is the easy part. Showing them you care and making them want to come back is what sets you apart from others.

*Click this link to learn for free how to make and present a prezi as a unique way to inform your clients while keeping their interest:


What do you think of these ideas.  Do you have a better one?  Please share, critique, or comment!

22 thoughts on “Retaining Clientele”

  1. Ooh, good ideas. I am planning on setting up an automated system for birthday/anniversary emails as well. There are so many ways to keep in contact now!

  2. Really good ideas about client follow-up. Thanks…I think this attention to detail will make a difference!

  3. I think this is a great idea to do! Gives the client the advantage to tell us how they feel about the massage and what we can change through the comment card. Also making thank you cards is awesome to let them know we actually care about them and their business.

  4. I think these are all effective ways to make my future clients feel cared for and appreciated. Sometimes people have the intention to call back or make another appointment, but life gets in the way, so I think sending them friendly reminders that show you care will remind them that they want another massage.

  5. These are great ideas. I look forward to incorporating them in my business. I like the idea of the newsletters, especially where the Equine Massage comes in, I will be able to remind them of the need for massage on the horses.

  6. I think all of these are really great ideas for showing a client that you really care and I can not wait to incorporate them into my practice.

  7. These are some great and easy ideas to put your name out there and get some returning clients! I just wrote the IDEA acronym in my notes! I’ll definitely be referring back to that!

  8. I would be lost without being on the email list of my favorite places so this is always a great idea. I also like always having your card available with the many ways to reach you and even making sure to ask when would be convenient times for each client personally to show that you are available frequently and are willing to try to make scheduling easier for them. Great ideas Ross!

  9. I love the acronym I.D.E.A. A lot of times having an acronym helps to remember the concepts. I use some of the techniques as a Mary Kay consultant, I love that I can also apply them to Massage Therapy.

    1. The follow up on the clients definitely is the deal breaker for clients to come back. The person I go to for hair cuts has this perfected. Also, when the client comes back, it makes a huge difference when you remember what they had talked about or what had made an impact on their lives from the time before. It makes the client feel much more close to the therapist!

  10. This is very excellent information. I am definitely open to finding ways to make my clients feel special and appreciated. There are so many ways of doing that with today’s technology that the possibilities are almost endless.

  11. I think that this is a good idea to start doing. If you want have clients in the future, you have to make sure you keep in great contact. Really good idea

  12. Seems kind of stockerish if you ask me but hey. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep business coming. But I would however like feed back to work on needed improvements.

  13. Love the idea. I definitely want to make sure each of my clients feel important. As for any further ideas I guess I would also like to offer a birthday calendar and send out an automatic e-mail for each one. Great blog great info, love it 🙂

  14. I really do like the water bottle idea. It is cheap to do and there are websites that will bottle and label the water for you at 50 cents to a dollar per bottle.

  15. I agree that it is a wonderful idea for so follow-up with a client. A simple text or email just to let them know that you you do care as a professional therapist. Great info!

  16. there is a lot of good ideas in this i think ill use the email i want to make all my cliens feel special and want to come back

  17. Love these ideas! They are personal and will really make the client feel like one in a million, as opposed to feeling like just another number. It also helps us customize their visits to fit their needs, improve in areas that we need work in, and gain important feedback about their experience with us. This are great ideas!

  18. Making sure your clients remember is very important
    One thing I like to do is give them a small gift or some sort.
    Cookies, a ballon, pens, or lip balm. If your clients don’t have anything to
    Remember u by they will forget u.