Why Massage Matters

By Ronnie Carlson

When an employee of a company is asked what kind of benefits are offered to team members, most of the time they talk about the retirement packages and vacation days offered.  At our dynamic progressive three campus wide college community, we do offer all of those.  In fact some of the best packages and benefits in the state of Oklahoma are available like dental and health (which is one of the many reasons OKC Biz ranked us a top place to work).   However this isn’t all we offer.

One of our most popular benefits is a FREE MONTHLY MASSAGE with students, or a discounted half off massage with our hired massage staff members.  Outside of the obvious relaxation that takes place, very important benefits are associated with massage.  These are worth highlighting to treat all of you out there working hard in the classroom or at your desk.


  • Limit Back Pain, and potentially eradicate it altogether.
  • Develop  better sleeping habits
  • Decrease severity and frequency of headaches and migraines
  • Improve flexibility, function, and reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis
  • Help side effects of cancer subside, and actually jump-start your immune system to help your body fight back.
  • Take Charge of your mental health, and reduce both anxiety and depression.


The most common reasons people don’t receive their massage is TIME.  But can we really afford to not take the best care of ourselves?  With just a short hour, you can come back to your life feeling rejuvenated and ready to give a 100% when you were barely peaking at 85%.

Don’t just keep this incredible massage clinic secret to yourself; tell your friends and family.  I can’t imagine a lot of gifts I would rather have than a gift card.   I can treat myself to a nice latte from the baristas at Campus Blend @ CSC, and a nice massage from one of our LMT’s.  So why not unwind yourself, you deserve it.  Share the wealth with others this season with a gift card at Clary, make yourself the popular family member this year and show your in-laws who’s boss!

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