Why Massage Matters

By Ronnie Carlson

When an employee of a company is asked what kind of benefits are offered to team members, most of the time they talk about the retirement packages and vacation days offered.  At our dynamic progressive three campus wide college community, we do offer all of those.  In fact some of the best packages and benefits in the state of Oklahoma are available like dental and health (which is one of the many reasons OKC Biz ranked us a top place to work).   However this isn’t all we offer.

One of our most popular benefits is a FREE MONTHLY MASSAGE with students, or a discounted half off massage with our hired massage staff members.  Outside of the obvious relaxation that takes place, very important benefits are associated with massage.  These are worth highlighting to treat all of you out there working hard in the classroom or at your desk.


  • Limit Back Pain, and potentially eradicate it altogether.
  • Develop  better sleeping habits
  • Decrease severity and frequency of headaches and migraines
  • Improve flexibility, function, and reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis
  • Help side effects of cancer subside, and actually jump-start your immune system to help your body fight back.
  • Take Charge of your mental health, and reduce both anxiety and depression.


The most common reasons people don’t receive their massage is TIME.  But can we really afford to not take the best care of ourselves?  With just a short hour, you can come back to your life feeling rejuvenated and ready to give a 100% when you were barely peaking at 85%.

Don’t just keep this incredible massage clinic secret to yourself; tell your friends and family.  I can’t imagine a lot of gifts I would rather have than a gift card.   I can treat myself to a nice latte from the baristas at Campus Blend @ CSC, and a nice massage from one of our LMT’s.  So why not unwind yourself, you deserve it.  Share the wealth with others this season with a gift card at Clary, make yourself the popular family member this year and show your in-laws who’s boss!

31 thoughts on “Why Massage Matters”

  1. I love how massage is both very enjoyable and very good for you. So many things are one or the other, but massage is both! That makes it so cool!

  2. How true that is. We were told while in class by both of our leaders, that we needed to be setting up with fellow students that were close to our areas, well I didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal, it is.
    I have found that after starting massage class, that I really was in better mind and spirits most of the time. Practicing on each other for the nine months was an eye opener as far as massage being a big part of my health care plans. There were hardly any down in my back or hip days, which with my prior job that was a daily thing to have to deal with. Yes, if I had not been in massage class I would never have believed the major benefits of regular treatments. I have been able to pass this information on to others in my area that were like me saying ,what good it that going to do for me. Well the benefits are numerous, it does help with the immune system,and with all the cold and flu stuff going around,the difference it makes with daily headaches, aches and pains that people are just living with or they go to the doctor and are given medications, which were just masking the issues, not fixing them at all. I have tried to write up just a quick information flyer to hand out on just the benefits, it just keeps going on and on, one thing kept going to another. You can’t say enough about regular massage treatments for your health and well being !!! And just the relaxing, unwinding and enjoyable part is enough on their own.

  3. This is a great idea for a holiday gift. As a student, a monthly massage would be a very good idea, especially since it would help benefit my sleeping habits. There are many benefits you can receive from a massage and I do think it would be good to form a habit of a monthly massage to help decrease tension and stress.

  4. This would be a perfect gift. Free monthly massages would be amazing. As a mother of a two year old, student, and waitress it would help. I always have sore muscles and bad back. It would help relieve stress and muscle tension.

  5. The main benefit of massage I enjoy most is the relaxation it offers. It is great for pain relief as well, but with how hard it is to relax in this world I think the relaxtion is the best part of the whole process.

  6. I love how spoiled all of us at school are as massage students, it’s easy to forget about the family and friends we can share the wealth with. not only with the discounted prices but as well as helping all our friends in upcoming externship. I was just thinking how i need two dirty santa gifts and even though i have a salon someone in the family may not want to come to me 🙂

  7. Even though I enjoy getting massage most of the time I enjoygive more than receiving. My kids go gaga over it when I give them their nightly massages before bed. Now I just need to bring the rest of my family into. My dad just needs a massage in general for his hips and sciatic nerve problem. My mother just wants to watch dad get one first.

  8. I agree with how spoiled we are as massage student. I am new to the program so I’m still learning all the benefits. I never knew massage was so important and I’m so glad i chose this program.

  9. Honestly I wasn’t aware of the free services! How nice! I agree to the importance of making time to care for ourselves. Especially this time of year, it is so hectic for everyone and making the time for ourselves can be so challenging but it has proven to be so important- now, if I can only listen to my own words! Massage Therapy possesses such healing powers for all. We should never underestimate the power of our touch! Happy Holidays everyone!

  10. WOW! I didn’t know they did the massage for staff members, that is AWESOME. I think it would really help all relax and increase productivity. The more I think about it I think it would actually cut down on sick time also. My family is loving me being in school and I do not lack in the amount of volunteers I have!

  11. I love the idea of being able to get a gift card for someone and now that I’m that person to come to, it’s great. That is a great idea if you are just starting out in a new business to get clients and build your client-tell up also. Plus its rewarding because not only does it feel great but its a great thing for your body as well. Thanks.

  12. I didn’t know about the free services, but that is neat! It is really a nice way to say thank you. Good idea.

  13. It’s amazing how many different ways massage can be beneficial. Even just relaxing for one hour is great. When I get a massage I sleep better that night and it helps my back tremendously!

  14. There are so many benefits of massage. We all need to invest in our bodies! And being able to have free massages is great!

  15. I am new to the massage program and I knew of some benefits of a massage but I did not realize that was so good to do. I will definitely tell my friends and family about all the great benefits of massage. I am loving the hands on learning that I am getting and can’t wait to begin pampering people and making them feel good.

    1. I forgot to mention that with so many people that suffer from chronic pain that it will help to reduce their pain level. My husband suffers from chronic pain and no one has ever mentioned trying massage, so I am so glad that I decided to make this my career choice. It will allow me to let people know the benefits of getting a massage on a regular basis.

  16. I think the free monthly massage is great! I did not know about this but I will definitely be taking advantage of it. I also agree that giving gift cards to family member s wonderful way to say Happy Holidays!

  17. Massage can do wonders to a person who don’t get them much or even at all. They do help in so many way. i could get use to a good massage monthly to help with the stresses of life and be at ease and help to do better on my school work.

  18. Wow who knew??? I learn something new everyday and keeping us updated on these blogs is awesome keeps us on things we should know and helps us to greater and and receive great things as well. Thanks.

  19. I can’t agree more with this!!!!!! I’m so busy taking care of my kids & everything else I have going on with my life I forget to take time for myself. But I do like to give to others as well when they need it!!! I love how we get free massages as students but when we finish school do the massages need to stop??? Um no…..I would a great massage therapist someone I would trust!!!

  20. I love this! We should never forget ourselves. Not only are the gift cards great. Networking is essental for our business once we are out of school. Lets not forget our classmates.

  21. I dont know what would be the most important benefit of massage would be. I think they’re all equally important! Managing pain, better sleep, releiving side effects from illness or injuries, and just making a person more aware of their body and how they treat it all contributes to a persons health and better quality of life. Guess massage is just awesome that way.

  22. Stress management is something everyone should take time to do. After all, everyone has stress in their lives and deserves to be spoiled every once in a while. Keep this in mind when massaging clients, they are there to be pampered and spoiled. Holidays are especially stressful, more reason to take some “you time”. Thanks for the free benefits!

  23. I love how much there is to learn about massage. Its not always the spa experience that a person would imagine, and while the relaxing spa experience is lovely. Massage has so many benefits all different levels.

  24. massage is a wonderful experience far beyond its relaxing qualities. the health benefits far exceed most peoples expectations. and gift card, heck yes