You Never Get a 2nd First Impression!

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By Tessa Brooks

Have you ever walked into an establishment taken one look at the employees, and thought twice about being there? We all have. What was it about them that made you second guess your choice? Was it their hair, their dress, their personality or demeanor, did they greet you in a welcoming manor? All of these things play a factor in how people look at you in a business arena.

man with his hand outSo how do you make sure you are not that person? Check yourself at the door. Before you go to greet a client, do a quick check in the mirror. Are you as professionally put together as you can be? If not, make yourself presentable before stepping out. Remember: with each new client you only get one chance to make a great professional impression.

When greeting your client be sure to focus on them. This is their time, the moment you began to approach them you are on the clock. They are paying you for your time; make it worth the time they took out of their day. Greet them with a firm handshake (people will judge your abilities based on your handshake) and a warm smile. Fakeness can come off as being clippy or annoyed, so be as real as possible.

trust is built on first impressionsSay their name in conjunction with yours so they begin to link the two. This will come into play later after your time together is finished. Something like “Hello Becky, thank you for coming in today. My name is Stephanie and I will be your therapist.” will go much further than something like “Hey Becky, I’m Stephanie, I’m your therapist.” Remember you are going to be asking them to undress for you so you can massage them; you want them to feel as comfortable as possible.

When walking your client back to your room, make small talk. “Losing” your client along the way is a common mistake and can undo the relationship you’ve

man with facial expressionsbegun with your client. Ask them about themselves in general, how are they feeling overall, the weather, if it’s their day off? Make sure that no personal or medical information is exchanged until you are both in the room.

If your client is a repeat, be sure to show them the same level of courtesy and professionalism. After you have established that relationship it is important to maintain it so they do not find another therapist.  Massage therapy is based on healing and helping people. For most, you are the first experience they have ever had and a little professionalism can goes a long way in every aspect of your business.


Please tell us the worst first or best impression you’ve ever received from a business.

18 thoughts on “You Never Get a 2nd First Impression!”

  1. worst impression ever!! I went to a tax place (NO NAMES) at first a nice lady greeted me and my friend, she smiled, had a good tone, was very welcoming then she introduced us to another lady who also seemed upbeat. When we sat down both women changed in their demeanor. I tried to explain that I had filed incorrectly a couple years ago and then when I had gone to a different tax service they caught it and wanted to help me to get that refund back. None the less both ladies were against helping me at all. Once the job started the person-ability went straight out the door. Not only was there no conversation, I felt like these women were dissecting my life finally it became to much and I walked out. I decided to go back to the original place that had helped me before and bam refund for everything done and always with a smile. I think that sometimes people forget a first impression doesn’t just end with a handshake it’s the entire interview.

  2. Was working at a restaurant and I saw one of my co-worker ignore a costumer, all because they weren’t having a “good day”. first impressions matter so much!

  3. What a great post. First impressions are extremely important. These are some great tips on how to present yourself comfortably, and how to feel confident doing so. Thanks!

  4. I am all about trying to be more and more confident and professional. I do believe that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression.

  5. The most important thing you can do is the person in the eye.
    To many times people look away while talking. Have a Clary Day

  6. Excellent thoughts. Eye contact is so important too. Some of my worst impressions have been when I walk into a business and the employees are too busy interacting with each other to even notice that a customer has entered.
    Best consistent experiences have probably been at QuickTrips…always an acknowledgement and personal greeting of some kind. And it works for them!

  7. The worst impression I have ever gotten was at a Dr.’s office. I took my very very sick child in to be seen and the nurse was talking on her phone about her most recent visit with a boyfriend. I got a few details I could have lived my entire life without knowing. The best impression I can think of is at our Vet’s office, I am in there on a regular basis and I always find the staff, happy, helpful, friendly, and professional. After 6 years, I still have not seen any of them have a “bad” day.

  8. I think it is extremely important to make a good first impression. And I feel like there are a lot of people that don’t really take into consideration the type of impressions they give off. So articles like this one help us all be more aware of ourselves and our presentation, especially when we are trying to make good first impressions.

  9. yes I agree first impression are important. However I’m not one to base my judgement on ones first impression. Just under the fact of possible first time nerves. I wait till the end of the meeting or whatever the case maybe to make my judgement.

  10. I went to Hibiscus Grill on Brookside a few days ago. The food was amazing, but the service was so terrible. I wish I could go back, but I just cant bring myself to do it. First impressions arent everything, but they definitely set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

  11. I read that in the first 15 seconds of someone seeing you they judge you. That is why I think that first impressions go a very long way. I think that yo should treat others as you would want to be treated. The worst first impression that I have ever had I waled into a small little store and the employee asked me what I wanted and what I was doing there in the most rude tone of voice ever, and come to find out later she was the manager. needless to say I probably won’t go back. Great post by the way!!

  12. This is very true in interviews as well. I interview an average of 4 people a week and I must say, the first impression definitely sinks in. It can either make things go smoothly for you, or you can spend the rest of the interview fighting it. It’s up to you!

  13. That is very true! Everyone judges at the first glance. I never really stopped to think of it like that but now I see we all will look at someone and judge them by some kind of action or look they give. love this one.

  14. First impressions are everything. I work hard at work and I am always cleaning up what my co-workers mess up. I realized the my co-workers envy me, due to me being a hardworker and always have a smile on my face no matter if I’m having a bad or good day.

  15. The worst first impression I ever received was from the front desk at an office downtown. The lady did not greet me or even look up at me when I got there. I walked right up to her window and she still said nothing.
    I remember standing there for close to 20 seconds before I said “excuse me”, and she glared up at me with her glasses hanging on the end of her nose. She didn’t say a word, just looked at me.
    It was the worst/weirdest customer service and first impression of a place that I have ever had.

  16. The first impressions are always important but i’m really shy so that’s when i’m the quietest i’m pretty much always quite don’t really have that much to say unless i have a job where i have to talk then i have to make myself talk.

  17. I have worked in customer service for a long time so I know just how important a first impressions are. I am just glad that I go to a school that understands that as well and puts the effort forth to help their student make the best first impression possible. This is how success is made. Thank you again for giving us the tools that we need to succeed.