You Never Get a 2nd First Impression!

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By Tessa Brooks

Have you ever walked into an establishment taken one look at the employees, and thought twice about being there? We all have. What was it about them that made you second guess your choice? Was it their hair, their dress, their personality or demeanor, did they greet you in a welcoming manor? All of these things play a factor in how people look at you in a business arena.

man with his hand outSo how do you make sure you are not that person? Check yourself at the door. Before you go to greet a client, do a quick check in the mirror. Are you as professionally put together as you can be? If not, make yourself presentable before stepping out. Remember: with each new client you only get one chance to make a great professional impression.

When greeting your client be sure to focus on them. This is their time, the moment you began to approach them you are on the clock. They are paying you for your time; make it worth the time they took out of their day. Greet them with a firm handshake (people will judge your abilities based on your handshake) and a warm smile. Fakeness can come off as being clippy or annoyed, so be as real as possible.

trust is built on first impressionsSay their name in conjunction with yours so they begin to link the two. This will come into play later after your time together is finished. Something like “Hello Becky, thank you for coming in today. My name is Stephanie and I will be your therapist.” will go much further than something like “Hey Becky, I’m Stephanie, I’m your therapist.” Remember you are going to be asking them to undress for you so you can massage them; you want them to feel as comfortable as possible.

When walking your client back to your room, make small talk. “Losing” your client along the way is a common mistake and can undo the relationship you’ve

man with facial expressionsbegun with your client. Ask them about themselves in general, how are they feeling overall, the weather, if it’s their day off? Make sure that no personal or medical information is exchanged until you are both in the room.

If your client is a repeat, be sure to show them the same level of courtesy and professionalism. After you have established that relationship it is important to maintain it so they do not find another therapist.  Massage therapy is based on healing and helping people. For most, you are the first experience they have ever had and a little professionalism can goes a long way in every aspect of your business.


Please tell us the worst first or best impression you’ve ever received from a business.

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