Ladies & Gentlemen, Rev Up Your Engines!

By Laura Gordon

We all have them – days when our get up and go has got up and went. Somehow we manage to muddle through with eyes glazed over, attention span nonexistent and energy level set at zero, but it sure makes for a mighty long day, doesn’t it?
If I told you in two minutes or less you could change all that without drugs, caffeine or sugar plus when you’re done you will feel refreshed, invigorated, light hearted and ready to go, would you be interested? I believe I heard a resounding YES!
Well folks, have I got a deal for you! With only one practice run you will have it down, and anytime you want a little pick me up, you can do it with immediate results.
Here’s all you have to do. (Now don’t be fooled by all those words below. Read them, follow them, watch the little guy in the funny black costume, and I promise you will have an amazing experience that you will want to use for the rest of your life!)
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With both hands on each side of the crown of your head using your fingers begin tapping (use an assured tapping which is several degrees heavier than light tapping but not painful to you) for a count of 10 moving forward and back on the crown. Move to your forehead, temple, cheekbone and jaw line repeating the tapping in each place.
Next extend one arm away from the body and using the other hand begin patting vigorously (again this should be assured but not painful) along the arm out to the back of the hand, turn your arm and begin patting vigorously back to the shoulder. Be sure to pat upper trapezius where we hold so much tension. Repeat on the other arm.
After that place our hands on each side of your sternum and simultaneously pat your sternum, rib cage, move inferior along the waist, move your hands to the back and pat over the kidneys, come to the front and vigorously pat your entire abdominal cavity. Do this for about 30 seconds or so. Be sure to send love and energy to all your organs. You are waking them up and allowing them to detox old stale energy. Always keep in mind that intent is the secret to healing.
Now, bending forward, begin patting vigorously posteriorly from the hips down the glutes, along the outside of your legs, then up the inner thighs. Again, do this as many times as you want. When you straighten up to a standing position, do it slowly: curl your back up, then your neck and head. This will keep you from getting dizzy, as standing straight up all at once can cause the blood to rush from your head too fast.
To end, use your hands to sweep/brush your arms proximal to distal, your abdomen superior to inferior and legs proximal to distal.
There, you’re recharged and ready to go! Don’t you feel just great?
In the comment section, PLEASE, tell me what you think of this little dandy little energizing exercise.

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